Your task is to create a BIP document in English explaining the following topic=790883.0
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Your task is to create a document in English explaining the salient innovations discussed.

You should make it a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) that has the likelihood of being accepted by the Bitcoin Core development community.

You will be awarded if you show you did contribute to a good outcome in a crucial, promoting collaboration and sharing of your insights at all times, discussing and highlighting important matters in a critical way and if your final proposed BIP document (saved as a pdf and available on GitHub with a permanent link for sharing it) is well written, clear and shows academic proficiency in English and in the layout of your terse and concise essay.

Good luck. I may tip the best collaborators, extra. Be open and collaborative.
This is an important endeavor in of itself, independently of who wins.
Feel free to say who do you think should be awarded the bounty.

Discuss in the comments here, extensively with other peers and with the bitcoin core developers at the "Development & Technical Discussion" of Bitcointalk discussion forum.

awarded to redtemi

Crowdsource coding tasks.

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Ah i see Ill revise that when I wake up in the evening.