Yahoo Stock Data ASP.NET MVC 3 - VB
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I need an ASP.NET MVC 3 VB solution to simply pull data using Yahoo Finance's YQL to get stock information and save it to a SQL Server Database Table. Pull the Open Close High Low and Volume for each stock in the list for a specified date range and save to the table.

Table Name: StockInfo
Table Fields: stockID - Unique ID; Symbol, Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume.

HTML Page:
Since we are pulling for a list of stocks no need for a textbox to house which stock to pull. All that is needed on the html page is:

StartDate Textbox (Date Mask) EndDate Textbox (Date Mask) and a submit button

MUST BE IN VB and clearly documented! The code should pull the date range of all stocks in the list for each day and save that data in a table in the SQL Server 2008 database table. Once complete a msgbox should be displayed indicating that the pull is complete.

The date range should display a calendar when clicked. When the submit button is clicked a check whether the stock symbol already exists in the table should be done. If the symbol already exists only the dates that are not populated should be appended to the table for that stock based upon the range entered. If the symbol does not already exist all data for the range selected should be entered.

Stock symbols are: AAPL, YHOO, GE, C, CAT, FSLR

EXTRA CREDIT (TIPS) - I am willing to tip for extras! One thing that I am going to add to this project is the pulling and adding of the weekly options list from the website. Each week they add a new set of weekly options that they post to the site. I want to be able to pull that excel sheet down and load it into a table in this database. Then use that data to pull all of the history fields listed above for all of the new weekly symbols listed above.

If you know of a way to pull option strike prices for these symbols that is another extra that I will tip well for.

Please let me know if there are additional questions - I am looking for a solution quickly if possible.


This is an example that I have found that will pull the data but it is in C#.
subzero almost 9 years ago
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