Write a python script that extracts class schedule from pdf files
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We are developing a social study app, ClassMade, for college students and need to extract class schedules from thousands of university websites. See www.iClassMade.com

e.g. class schedule of Smith College is in PDF file format

the command line for your code below should create a csv file, each row corresponding to one course session time schedule. It needs to download the PDF file automatically and parse it to get the class time schedule etc.

python smith.py -y 2015 -t Fall
should generate a file named smith.csv with the following Format of the class schedule
Year, Term, Subject, CourseNo, Name, Section, Category, Days, WeekFreq, StartWeek, Time, Location, Instructor, Credits, MaxSeat, OpenSeat, Session, Email, EndWeek
2015, Spring, ACCT, 222, Survey of Accounting, 001, Lecture, MW, 1, 12-Jan-15, 8:05 am - 9:20 am, SGRG Bulding 123, Jimmy Lynch, 3, zz@xx.yy.edu, 27-Apr-15

Your name will be acknowledged within the app when students from Smith college register courses. Thousands of students may benefit from your work. Your name will also be shown on the programming contributor page on www.iClassMade.com

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