Wordpress Launch Effect Theme and Woocommerce Integration
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I'm using the Launch Effect Premium wordpress theme. I'm also using Woocommerce from WooThemes.

The problem is the main store page and product pages don't use the themes style.

Go to http://www.unfoldingepic.com/shop-store/

You can see that the theme is partially there. If you click on the product it shows the page but again it's not entirely there. Sidebar and header seem to be missing. If you add to cart and go to view cart, it looks like it should. Sidebar, header and everything shows up.

I've done part of the work around found here: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

I tried the replacing the loop method and got it to where it is now. Partially showing the theme. I have not tried the hook method because I don't know enough about php.

I'm needing someone who knows how to fix the woocommerce.php file I created to show the rest of the theme/sidebar/header on those pages. Or work with hooks.

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