WordPress 3.5 Issues
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Hey. I have a relatively advanced and unusual WordPress theme that has been having issues ever since the 3.5 upgrade. Due to the unusual nature of the theme, I need help fixing the issues that have arose from the recent upgrades. I am looking for someone who can do a complete fix of admin dashboard issues (such as drag and drop widgets breaking, maybe a few other things), as well as numerous wpdb issues.

Offering a nice-sized bounty* and looking for someone who is serious about helping me out and completing this. The goal is to get it working properly under the new WordPress configurations.

*Willing to tip as well.

Theme can be downloaded via zip at the following address:


Thank you!

Hi @newbiedev, thanks for posting. Could you list all the fixes you'd like? Thanks.
bevan 9 years ago
@newbiedev have you tried downgrading to 3.4.2? It fixed my problems. LE knows about this problem already and are fixing it.
alex 9 years ago
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