Word Press work around plugin confilct
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We have a word press blog utilizing the optimize press theme

we would like to create a page of video thumbnails that open using a light box
we have a couple of plug-ins that will accomplish what we want to do, however none of the plug-ins will work
with the optimize press theme, because it loads its own player.

Can someone fix it so that (at least for the page that the video thumbnails are on)
that the lightbox plug-in works?

Could you send me a link to the Wordpress theme? Or where I can download it so that I can see it in details?
ZeroCool 9 years ago
The theme is http://www.optimizepress.com/ its not a free one you can DL let me what I can do to facilitate
kronsul 9 years ago
Send a zip archive of the theme to my email zerocool.zero@gmail.com - if you can, we can delete this comment afterwards. I don't know how the theme is made, or which files contain which elements, so I need to check the whole theme ... Or alternatively, you could send me only the .php files of the theme.
ZeroCool 9 years ago
If you send me your email address I can send you details of an ftp account that has wordpress installed with this theme installed.
kronsul 9 years ago
I've written it up there ^ zerocool.zero@gmail.com
ZeroCool 9 years ago
thanks sent
kronsul 9 years ago
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1 Solution

Make a backup of the theme before trying this; open all the files and replace the following line:

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo get_bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/js/flowplayer-3.2.4.min.js"></script>

with nothing.

Haven't tested it because I can't test the theme properly. Upload the files to the theme directory and check if it works.

I know that java script is called... There are actually others called on a template by template basis too. But on some pages we need that script because we have other videos embedded. What I think we need is a script that would not load player scripts based on what page it was that was being called. Make sense?
kronsul 9 years ago
Sorry, I haven't found a solution.
ZeroCool 9 years ago