Woocommerce Remove Customer IP Address When Order Is Made - Simple Project
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Customer IP Address is logged when order is made through Woocommerce. I want to remove this please tell me how to get rid off it for future orders and previous orders.

Could you provide more information? Screenshots?
optimist 10 months ago
How do is send that? @optimist
THEBOI 10 months ago
@THEBOI you can post your screenshots on a service like https://snag.gy/ or imgur and include a link in your bounty description.
bevan 10 months ago
https://snag.gy/CW9n0q.jpg @beven
THEBOI 10 months ago
ip is highlighted
THEBOI 10 months ago
awarded to hhaid

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1.Let's find out the IP address we want to delete
IP address print or /IP address print
2.Then you will get IP address with it's ID, for example, "0" "1" etc.
3.After that type,
ip address remove hit enter and type the ID[not ip] to remove
4.Hit enter and that's it.After that check the config -->ip address print
*it's so simple :D

This is a more simplistic way to remove any customers IP address hope this is not so complicating for you
XOXOX all hopes Hhaid.

Also, this is anther suggestion if you ever want a code for it this is the most recommended code I would use. <?php addaction( 'woocommercecheckoutupdateordermeta', 'mp1401091554', 1 ); function mp1401091554( $orderid ) { updatepostmeta( $orderid, 'customeripaddress', ); }
hhaid 10 months ago
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