Woocommerce Remove Customer IP Address When Order Is Made - Simple Project
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Customer IP Address is logged when order is made through Woocommerce. I want to remove this please tell me how to get rid off it for future orders and previous orders.

Could you provide more information? Screenshots?
Prometheus over 2 years ago
How do is send that? @optimist
THEBOI over 2 years ago
@THEBOI you can post your screenshots on a service like https://snag.gy/ or imgur and include a link in your bounty description.
bevan over 2 years ago
https://snag.gy/CW9n0q.jpg @beven
THEBOI over 2 years ago
ip is highlighted
THEBOI over 2 years ago
awarded to hhaid

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1.Let's find out the IP address we want to delete
IP address print or /IP address print
2.Then you will get IP address with it's ID, for example, "0" "1" etc.
3.After that type,
ip address remove hit enter and type the ID[not ip] to remove
4.Hit enter and that's it.After that check the config -->ip address print
*it's so simple :D

This is a more simplistic way to remove any customers IP address hope this is not so complicating for you
XOXOX all hopes Hhaid.

Also, this is anther suggestion if you ever want a code for it this is the most recommended code I would use. <?php addaction( 'woocommercecheckoutupdateordermeta', 'mp1401091554', 1 ); function mp1401091554( $orderid ) { updatepostmeta( $orderid, 'customeripaddress', ); }
hhaid over 2 years ago
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