Woocommerce plugin on order updates
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I need a quick plugin for Woocommerce that when the order is updated calls a function.

When the order is updated -> The customer ID is found & get the uuid (below).

uuid = get_user_device_token($user_id);

$message = 'Status updated to: '.$status;

Then trigger sendPushNotifications($retrunedUUID, $message);

Functions to call:

Another example is this plugin that works with BuddyPress.



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You can add this codes in functions.php . This should work with your existing code.


Update :

Added $user_id and made some minor improvements.


Let me know it this help you.

Hey, that's great thanks. 2 questions 1. Where does the user_id come from. 2. If I add another gig can you do the same thing for https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/
WhiteHat 1 year ago
Sorry, i had missed the $user_id. I have updated the solution now. For Easy digital Download i will have to give it a try.
Zhopon 1 year ago
Thanks so much
WhiteHat 1 year ago