WooCommerce Add to Cart is not visible
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When I select Variable Product in admin with different price variations, the Add to Cart button is not visible on the front end.
I've read that it is a JS issue, but I don't know how to fix this.

Here is the page i'm trying to fix.


Thanks for the help Kerncy. The developer for this theme said it wasn't a theme issue (of course), and took this screenshot of the source code. http://clip2net.com/s/3nessC9 She said the 'false' shouldn't be there, but I'm not sure where this code is or if I should change it to 'true'.
justinmarine almost 4 years ago

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from what I have seen on the web, it is more a theme issue than a JS issue, some files are replaced by theme ones and this conflicts with your functionnality. Can you first try to set an other theme to verify if the error comes from the theme ?
You can also check if you set a price to all your variations of product, the "add to cart" button will not show unless you have defined some.

For other fix, you can try to follow those steps http://kb.oboxthemes.com/articles/woocommerce-add-to-cart-button-not-visible-on-variable-products/

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