WooCommerce: Add to Card button missing in FF / Chose payment type on mobile
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On the website www.napp-matratzen.de the "add to cart" button is missing in Firefox.

The site works fine with Safari / Chrome. However, when using Firefox, the "add-to-cart" button is not displayed properly. I have no idea what's causing this and tried deactivating plugins step-by-step, but no success. Further, all plugins are up to date and site was working fine for a couple of weeks, realized this error on Monday and since then no luck finding a solution.

Furthermore, users are unable to choose payment type when proceeding to checkout on mobile devices. Same here, I have no idea why this stopped working.

Hope someone can help me with this.



Hi, does this issue reproduce on desktop FF as well? If so do you see any errors in the browser console? Just tried spoofing UA and simulating the mobile view - all worked well.
dekkard over 6 years ago
as dekkard says, your site has no issues as you described. Can you give us more specific use case to reproduce your issue? mentioning specific version of FF might help.
bayu over 6 years ago

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