Why does the Organize Series Custom Post Type Addon plugin cause WordPress multisite to display an update notification?
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Upon activation in multisite (either network-wide or for a single site), the Organize Series Addon: Custom Post Type Support plugin causes a plugin update notification in both the admin bar and the plugin menu:



I’ve been trying to research where this issue might come from for weeks until today, I finally copied my site to a test server so I could properly experiment with the plugin folder.

I can’t imagine why this plugin behaves this way (since I was unable to find any articles that mention a similar issue with any other plugins, I have to infer that this is a very rare occurrence).

I also ran some tests on a non-multisite WordPress installation:

If the Organize Series Addon: Custom Post Type Support plugin is first activated without the parent Organize Series plugin first being activated, there is a warning message that displays, reading, “There is an update to the Organize Series Addon: Custom Post Type Support plugin. Please set the API key to download” even though there isn’t actually an update available (the plugin sits at version 0.1 on both the download page here and on the WordPress updates page).

I have a feeling this error message has something to do with the issue. I can’t get the update notification to reshow, though, even if I deactivate the Organize Series plugin or remove the API from the options (or both) so you’ll want to run this experiment with a fresh install of WordPress to see the message.

Either way, the omni-present update notification on multisite should probably be considered a bug. Can you determine the cause and provide a solution?



Something that seems peculiar from the get go is that your organize-series-cpt-support.zip file, unlike the organize-series.2.4.1.zip file unzips itself without a containing folder. In your WP plugins folder, are the contents of organize-series-cpt-support.zip in its own directory? That directory should be WP_PLUGIN_DIR.'/organize-series-cpt-support/' (is it?)
skram 9 years ago
If those questions dont lead to the solution, my next guess is that it has something to do with line 38 and below of os-cpt-setup.php and potentially the organizeseries.com update API not working as expected. One other suggestion is to try downloading one of their other plugins (look like only one is free so I'd choose that one) and see if you have this same issue.
skram 9 years ago
The .zip issue you mentioned might just be my fault when I compressed the file. This has no bearing on the update issue. As far as the API goes, you're welcome to check the other plugin I purchased: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ax6laetxqms2s3f/organize-series-grouping.zip . I do think you're on the right track, by the way. To note, I'm looking for a solution to the issue in order to award the bounty. Why does this issue only affect multisite and not regular WordPress installs?
jpelker 9 years ago
I understand - and I'm not doing this (primarily) for the $5 bounty - I like to solve problems :) Please clarify for me and everyone else. the CPT addon/plugin only shows updates available if youre in a multisite install. Does the Grouping addon/plugin behave the same or differently?
skram 9 years ago
I don't believe the Group addon has this issue. You're welcome to verify, though.
jpelker 9 years ago
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