Which public tech company is most likely to double in value in the next 6 months to 2 years and why?
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Taking into account the massive changes in the economy, which publicly traded tech company is most likely to double in value in the next 6 months to 2 years and why?

Must be listed on a public stock exchange. There are no wrong answers! I will award the bounty to the most surprising answer that I think is correct after reading your reasoning.

For bonus tip: tell me which one is most likely to collapse? :)

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Zoom is prolly gonna double even with all the allegations. Uber is prolly gonna a take a hit if they dont try to convert into a delivery service.
2U.com if they market properly has a chance to blow up.

Facebook is going to do well in the next six months and as well as double. During this pandemic, video calling is the mainstream of income. Facebook has increased up to 50 users in a single video call. This climb in videoconferencing has given an edge in the market as compared to Zoom and other application. This year first quarter for Facebook was not that good, but with these new features in the next six months period will bring a significant impact on their stocks.

Amazon as well asks all workers staying at home to return or seek leave; this is to beef up the delivery industry taking advantage of the pandemic. This approach will boost them and double as well.

Netflix is one of the companies enjoying booming subscribers during this pandemic. Since more people were told to stay home from around mid-March, the streaming service has gained 15.8 million new subscribers. This is a growth of more than 22%.

Campbell Soup is a good option since everybody likes a good bowl of soup when they have flu or any canned food company. Clorox is gonna blow up, Amazon for sure... Netflix and Grubhub, all will rise since they provide services essential during this time.

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