What are some onsite SEO areas of improvement for our site?
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URL: http://brianzeiger.com/

Please do an onsite SEO technical audit of our website and let us know if you see any issues or areas where we may improve. The website is built on the Wordpress CMS.

awarded to slang

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You should check the results from SEO Site Checkup and WooRank.

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seo stuff:

  • Your "www" subdomain doesn't redirect to the apex domain (http://brianzeiger.com/)
  • You're not using https, which google will reduce your rank for
  • You're using micro data! nice job! however, you could be using a lot more, like on the attorney(s) listed at http://brianzeiger.com/attorneys/, or the posts at http://brianzeiger.com/blog/, or the hours listed at http://brianzeiger.com/contact-us/.
  • Your blog is sorted newest date first, which will cause all of the /blog/page/* pages to change as you add more blog posts. Newer posts will be added to /blog/page/1, pushing older posts to higher-numbered pages. This will result in users who visit the page (from a search result generated by an old search index) not being able to find what they were looking for because the link to the article they want will have been pushed to another page.
  • Your /practices/* pages (and site as a whole) is lacking in outgoing links. On the practices pages this is especially obvious with the paragraphs of uninturrupted, dense, copy. As a side-note, you're unlikely to get many incoming links from these pages because of the amount of self-promotion and lack of meaningful information... Overall, it's really dull copy.
  • View our <a href"http://brianzeiger.com/resources/">resource page</a> - that html is at the bottom of each page, and isn't using the correct syntax (there should be a = between href and ").

other stuff:

  • You have an internal horizontal and/or vertical scrollbar on some pages, which is rather annoying.

Couple of notes for you

Missing H1 on the homepage
Alt text on some images is missing
Consider wrapping phone number with tel: tag so engines know what it is
While the site is responsive google doesnt like some of the usability chracteristics
Missing meta keywords
consider getting a sitemap.xml file
robots.txt file or robots meta tag should be in place

a sitemap.xml isn't needed because their site is very well-linked
slang almost 5 years ago
also, they already have a robots.txt - even though it's not needed because they have no reason to block bots on a site like this.
slang almost 5 years ago
I agree on both points from a practice perspective but webmaster tools is goings to suggest both. Experience scoring in Google will also want both. How material the impact is? Not sure but it's low hanging fruit. I think your points are more helpful, mine are just semantics. You should win this over my post. I just wanted to help - Thx man!
Qdev almost 5 years ago
Yes, always upload the sitemaps there.
iurisilvio almost 5 years ago
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