Learning to code?

  • Tired of people busting on your programming questions?

  • Just need a solution?

  • Painlessly crowdsource small coding tasks with Bountify.co

    Bountify is your friend.

    Post a coding task or question with a cash bounty ($1-100) to incentivize your fellow hackers.

    No attitude.

    No downvoting.

    Just helpful solutions.


    What types of tasks / questions can I post?

    Coding tasks or questions whose solutions you can verify. Beginner tasks are great ("fix this code" or "build me jQuery plugin that does X").
    See existing bounties for ideas.

    How do I post a bounty? When do I pay?

    Describing your task and posting the bounty happens on a single form.
    You pay the bounty amount upfront.

    What if I don't get a solution?

    Your bounty will go to a charity of your choice.
    Not getting a working solution is rare.
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    Is Bountify only for beginners?

    No, but it's well suited to novice coders who need help. Most people who post bounties are actually not beginners; they simply know that someone else can solve their problem more efficiently.


    The word on the street

    "Bountify is like Fiverr Times Fifty"
    "Coding task stumped you..? Put a bounty on its head and let the market fix it, with bountify"
    "Bountify.co is like StackOverflow with (tiny amounts of) cash instead of "Professor Land fun bucks.""
    "Pay for help with your messy code."
    "Get paid for helping out your fellow codemen"

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