Walkthrough Setting Up Multiple Websites (Mainly WordPress ones) with SSL on AWS Lightsail
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Hi. So the title almost says it all. I have a VPS with DreamHost and am interested in migrating the sites there to AWS Lightsail as it looks like a very similar setup for a fraction of the price. I can see how to create an instance for 1 WordPress site, but I’m not clear on how to setup multiple sites; for example, 5 WordPress sites and a Magento one. I’ve Googled around and have found some pay-to-learn tutorials, but I’m hoping someone here can walk me through it more concisely, as some have before with other issues.

I’m only using about 25% of my DH VPS which (their business tier: Business VPS). I read somewhere that what I want to do is setup multiple virtual hosts, is that the case? I got sort of lost looking for how to do this.

In summary, please outline what I’d need to do to set up/migrate multiple sites from DreamHost VPS to AWS Lightsail. I…

  • Need to be able to point my domains to my AWS Lightsail instance (most of them are hosted on DH)
  • Need to be able to setup apps as-needed; I’m used to the 1-Click-Installer on DH but understand that this is another world
  • Need any/all sites to have SSL/HTTPS

Please let me know if I can provide any more info. I'd be thrilled to tip a solution. Thank you!

For one dollar? just Google mate!
mashtullah 1 year ago
I should've been more clear; I posted it for $1 to post it; I expected to send a $10 or so tip for a solution. I have Googled around. 😬
sharper 1 year ago
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I would suggest you to use EasyEngine as its easy & perfect for WordPress.

The beauty of EasyEngine is that it not only help us to set up a multiple WordPress websites, but automatically installs its dependencies, such as Nginx, PHP, MySQL, lets encrypt etc.

How to configure it:

In a fresh Ubuntu install, make sure your super user.

The domain should already be pointed to server IP address. If not please point the domain to server before proceeding below. Also confirm both www and non-www is pointed to the server, for SSL Installation.

sudo su

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee4 && sudo bash ee

ee site create examplesite1.com --wp --letsencrypt (Your First website is installed)

For second website:

ee site create examplesite2.com --wp --letsencrypt

I don't know how Magento setup will go, as i don't have experience with it. but with easyengine you can configure custom site as well. Please note it isn't Apache

To get similar experience like DH or any shared hosting provider.(one-click install), you will have to spend approx 16$ monthly extra for Cpanel + Softaculous.

Offical Website: https://easyengine.io/

Easy engine commands: https://easyengine.io/commands/

Hi Zhopon, thanks for taking the time to outline that for me. It looks great. I'm going to try this today. Tip sent! If you don't mind, I might ask for some more help on this, for more tips.
sharper 1 year ago
Hi Sharper, You can let me know if you face any issue, I will do my best to help you out & thanks for the tip :)
Zhopon 1 year ago
Hi again Zhopon, I've been tinkering with EE and it's great! I've got a static IP and 2 A records from the domain name pointed to it (one with and one without the www). It looks like DNS Checker is seeing the static IP but the site isn't wanting to load, even after ~6 hours. Is this normal? Is there more I need to do? The site looks set up correctly from EE's end so I don't think it's that. Thanks!
sharper 12 months ago
sharper, kindly visit your website via different internet network or use https://de.hideproxy.me/ it might be due to DNS being cached.
Zhopon 12 months ago
Thanks for the link! Yeah, I get this: Oops! Something is wrong The requested resource could not be loaded. Weird! I got with support (from the domain name registrar) and they said it's pointed correctly, propagated, but still returns: ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT Digging into this more now
sharper 12 months ago
Would you mind Sharing your domain name. Also refer this http://www.incrediblelab.com/connection-timed-out-error-fixed/ (Do try Fix 4)
Zhopon 12 months ago
Hey, sorry for the late reply, the day got away from me! Since I asked that I had tried a few things, unsuccessfully, so the domain is no longer pointing to it. I'll give this another whirl once it lets me try again (LetsEncrypt put me in a time out for too many failures 😅), or if I use another domain, but the most common issue was that my logs said that I had a domain name mismatch. Thanks!
sharper 12 months ago
You can even create websites without letencrypt in start & add it once everything is working perfectly . I normally use Cloudflare (just for DNS) as any changes on it get updated in 15-minute max.
Zhopon 12 months ago