Use the Bing API to get Search Volume?
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Somehow, MarketSamurai says they are "using the Bing API" to get Keyword Search Volume data for their app. (e.g. Their app shows the "number of searches per month" for the given keyword phrase.)
But MarketSamurai won't give any other details. They will only say: "we use the Bing API." (I assume Bing has multiple APIs, so i'm not sure which specific API they are referring to.)

I just want to know how they get these values. e.g. how are they using the Bing API to find these numbers:


(Note: Tips will be given for people with good input.)


I do not have an account, but have you looked into the Bing advertisements api? That API may hold more relevant information to keyword searches than the search API. See these pages: ([] ([] I do not think this warrants a solution in itself, but was just getting info?
jduplessis294 over 1 year ago
Thanks. Yes I guess Bing has multiple APIs. I don't know which one MarketSamurai is referring to. So it may indeed be "advertisement API"
tonloc over 1 year ago
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The best I can come up with is this:

This returns json like this, but with many more entries:

  "d": [
      "__type": "KeywordStats:#Microsoft.Bing.Webmaster.Api",
      "BroadImpressions": 597403,
      "Impressions": 21914,
      "Query": "cat"
      "__type": "KeywordStats:#Microsoft.Bing.Webmaster.Api",
      "BroadImpressions": 450020,
      "Impressions": 21057,
      "Query": "cat"

I am not entirely sure what those numbers mean, but I assume they are similar to what you want. If you add up the numbers on all returned results, it could be the total monthly search volume. More info on getting that key here:

Webmaster API reference here:

Better data can be found in the bing webmaster console itself, here's a link to that documentation: . And a picture of what it looks like:
You simply have to create a bing webmaster account and verify a site (even if you don't use that site for keyword research) to get this keyword data. Not sure if this can be accessed programmatically, however.

In fact, I added up the BroadImpressions, and it returned 15423989, similar to the Keyword Research Tool
jduplessis294 over 1 year ago
Is this what you were envisioning?
jduplessis294 over 1 year ago