Use Case - iOS Notifications
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We are looking for a solution to send notifications to the user on iOS. Similar to Shopkick...We have notifications working when the app is running in the background, which requires the app to be started atleast once...however if the app is not running in the background (say the user restarted the phone but did not open the app), we do not receive notifications. Is there a way we can still get the notifications to work in this case?

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1 Solution

If you use Apple Push Notification service, you can receive push notification also when the app is not running.
To enable push on the App, you need to create an Apple push certificate on the store:
The App must call Apple to register the device and give you a token to send push to that device:

The token for each device must saved on your backend to send the notifications.
To send the notification you can call Apple directly from your backend and send a notification for each device:
or you can use a push provide that manage broadcast/multicast notifications and other feature: