URGENT: modify character substitution code to dedup and have distance
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we have this code

we would like to get it modified to have a distance value next to each computed outcome that tells us how many substitutions were needed to calculate it.

next we want to dedup the list - the item that should remain is the one with the fewest transforms needed. for example

suppose we have these outcomes

abc: 1

abe: 2

abc: 3

abe: 4

we would want the final output to just have

abc: 1

abe: 2

to make things easier i think the order of operations should be

  • compute variants as it does today
  • include transform distance when coming up with the value
  • dedup as a final operation

note: we think representing the distance and value should be like this

"distance:value" whereas today we just have "value"

Please fork my repl.it codebase.

Hey, any chance that my previous solution to this does the job already? https://jsfiddle.net/Wuddrum/ypjhcm3e/7/
getPermutations function already accepts maxDistance argument. And the output can be remapped to whichever format you like.
Wuddrum 2 months ago
Which is the distance between, for example, 'go' and '6o'? Is it 1 (because the number of symbols changed is 1) or 2 (because the number of operations needed to change this symbol is 2 - g->G and G->6)?
TheOsch 2 months ago
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Here's your current solution with distance and deduping: https://repl.it/repls/InbornVapidMetric

Excuse me please, but I've found a mistake in this solution. It doesn't produce all permutations. To fix it, you should change
const len = Math.pow(arr.length, 2);
const len = Math.pow(2, arr.length);
at line 54.
TheOsch 2 months ago
You're right, thank you for commenting!
The mistake originates from the original solution.
Wuddrum 2 months ago