TypeForm: Giving "Invalid" error on form URLs
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Description of Error

When a valid TypeForm URL is added to the BuildFire TypeForm plugin, it does not validate the URL. You can take that same form URL and successfully use it in a separate web browser tab.
example urls:



Possible issue

Bad regex validation


BuildFire is a mobile app building platform that allows developers through HTML, JS and CSS to create plugins for the platform to extend mobile app functionality. learn more at https://buildfire.com


  • NodeJS - download
  • npm
  • git
  • knowledge on how to create a pull-request on github


  • BuildFire SDK npm i buildfire you may need to be admin or super user depending on your environment
  • Init SDK buildfire init this will install the SDK in a folder called BuildFireSDK
  • Navigate to folder cd BuildFireSDK
  • Clone plugin buildfire plugin clone typeformPlugin from the repo https://github.com/BuildFire/typeformPlugin

Run plugin locally

  • Run tester buildfire run this will run a web server on http://localhost:3030
  • in the Plugin input box enter in the name of your plugin. example: 'typeformPlugin' depending on your OS this could be case sensitive

Understanding the autonomy of a BuildFire Plugin

  • the Control: is the right hand side of the plugin meant to live in the BuildFire control panel/dashboard
  • the Widget: is the left hand side of the plugin meant to live in the mobile app to learn more click here

Submit a pull request

Additional Information

awarded to valerysntx

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1 Solution

Winning solution

Hi, please check my pull-request. Thanks!

Ah, it seems tests are broken, i see some are tightly coupled to the implementation details... will fix and update PR
valerysntx 1 year ago
Thank you. Checking your solution. Will get back to you asap
dunit 1 year ago
tests are fixed, and green.. side effects covered properly. All checks have passed, could You please review ? https://github.com/BuildFire/typeformPlugin/pull/8/commits/01d6c80b56a8ceb95f1b74cafc637fe65b13a39c?diff=unified https://cloudup.com/cS4F7P9vhBt
valerysntx 1 year ago