Twitter Python App using Twarc and Tweepy
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You are just using code that is already is on GitHub. Should not take long to assemble a solution and test.

Summary: Using Python to automate finding, following, and retweeting/liking influential people of a topic on Twitter:

You can find the detailed requirements here:

Do you want the bot to either like or retweet all of the "influencer"'s tweets?
gabrielsimoes 15 days ago
I have updated the requirements in a google doc. Please read.
I Need Coders 15 days ago
I can try doing this if you provide an email/twitter account with developer access.
gabrielsimoes 13 days ago
part of the task is to create an email account, use that email account to make an twitter account.
I Need Coders 13 days ago
Good luck with that, sorry.
gabrielsimoes 13 days ago
Do you want GUI? Is it okay if I use Protonmail instead of
ddos2win 10 days ago
I do not need a GUI
I Need Coders 8 days ago
This is a stupid platform. Can take 7 days to clarify requirements. Contact me at for more details.
I Need Coders 8 days ago
It is not a stupid platform, you asked for something that isn't trivial to achieve. First, to work with the twitter API one has to have a developer account, which requires a request. Most developers are not willing to go through the process of creating a fake email account, using a fake (or their own) phone number to verify the twitter account, and giving it to a stranger for 50 dollars + doing all the actual work. Had you requested only the code or provided the accounts, you would probably have received a solution.
gabrielsimoes 8 days ago
I’ve managed off shore teams for 15 years now. I have python programmers for $8-10/hour in the Philippines. Why did not I not use them? I wanted to compare this platform to others and my internal team. The solution was to be assemble from code that already exists. I explain that in my requirements. I would have paid $100 or (10 hours of work) but was the first time using the platform.
I Need Coders 8 days ago
Of course a client is not going to want to give you access to their production account. Nor are you going to want to use your production account. Creating burner accounts is common. You create a burner email, twitter, and get a google phone number to register the twitter dev account. This would take about 20 mins, I do it all the time. Because people where having a difficult time, I’ve already done it.
I Need Coders 8 days ago
I take back that this is a stupid platform and revise that it fits strange niche somewhere between stack overflow and Upwork.
I Need Coders 8 days ago
Thankfully my money is going towards malaria. My daughter in Africa helping people in Zambia. Malaria is big there...
I Need Coders 8 days ago

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