Twilio function - node.js - call recording
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I'm looking for a Twilio function in Node.js - that will allow me to do the following:
1) I call a number associated with the account (triggering the function)
2) I will be prompted to dial another number
3) The call starts recording (Or if the entire call is recorded, that is fine too)
4) Outbound call is made
5) When all parties hang up, call ends and recording is saved.

Please specify what you need, what is the problem what is the issue?
Hasan Bayat 4 years ago
I am looking for a Twilio function that I can use in the Twilio interface that can do the steps above.
Jay 4 years ago
I think you will also need your own server-side node.js code so that it responds to the Twilio function request and record the call, as I think that standalone twilio function will not do the do, you need a nodejs script in your server.Am I right or wrong? If I am right I can prepare the code.Thank you
Codeword 4 years ago
@Codeword, I believe that you should be able to do it directly in the Twilio interface as each account is provisioned a domain to use with the function:
Jay 4 years ago

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