Turn some code into a web app
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  1. Turn the functionality in this repo into a web app (Desktop/Tablet) that allows users to pull out their own Tripit data via the API.
  2. Add a date-based filter to the code - it currently allows past/future. I'd like to allow any dates if it can be web formated.
  3. Output with datatables.net

Bountify Link: Tripit API aimed at Cytebode
Github: Tripit-to-flightdiary\ahmedangu

Can you explain more about what you mean by "Output with datatables.net"?
mohamed ibrahim 27 days ago
Hi. Sure. I want it to output in a table format, but I'd like also to have the graphical ability to reorder. datatables.net gives code (I think) that allows you to play around with columns on the page...mainly reordering columns, sorting. The code will already get you the data. From the repo. Now it just needs a fully graphical way to get it out.
sebmack 26 days ago
Hi. I tried to implement what you wanted but I have faced some issues that I couldn't figure out away solve it. the first issue was that those scripts are written in python and the python isn't supported officially by the Android os. the android os has official support for just the java programming language. so to make the app run on a tablet the whole code have to be written in java. I searched for a couple of days for a way to run python scripts on android but all the solutions I found wasn't good enough to deliver a useful final product. another problem was that datatables.net is written in javascript and python doesn't support it. After that I thought it maybe helpful to use a third party program to view and edit the data so I wrote python script to convert the tripit json data
mohamed ibrahim 22 days ago
to excel data so you can view and edit it in microsoft excel or googledocs spreadsheet and I wrote another script to convert the excel data after you edit it to json data so if you wanted to to upload it to floghtradar you can do that. donwload the zip file and extract it and move the two python scripts to the folder where your tripit scripts and files in then open the script toexcel.py to convert the tripit json file to output.xls then open output.xls to view and edit it and if you edited it then open the script fromexcel.py to tranform the data from excel back to json. here the scripts https://github.com/mohamed-source/tripit.com-json-files-to-xls-files/archive/master.zip I don't know if this's a good enough solution or not but I hope you like it.
mohamed ibrahim 22 days ago
Hi thanks for having a go. The last repo had a script to convert it that worked pretty well. The key thing is to get it into a web app (desktop is fine). I just want a much easier way to make it work for normal users (and me when I forget how to use Github). Is this something you could do?
sebmack 19 days ago
To do it the code should be rewritten in Javascript. unfortunately I'm Python programmer and I don't know Javascript. I'm very sorry for wasting your time.
mohamed ibrahim 18 days ago
Hi. thanks! Are you sure. Another programmer got close but then had some summer work...
sebmack 16 days ago
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