trying to construct rspec test and get it to pass
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I’m trying to construct this feature test properly and get it to pass in spec/. Currently I’m getting this error, and I’m not sure how to get this branch to pass.

If you would be able to send a PR, I’d apprecate it!

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You need to do instead of just proof.

I added build(:proof) and create(:proof) like this gist and I'm still getting the same error
apr over 6 years ago
Like this: The issue is that you're creating the proof but not assigning it to proof, so when you reference that you get an undefined variable error.
AgentAntelope over 6 years ago
@AgentAntelope Would you be able to get me over this next hurdle? The error is in the commit message and is different from my original question. Btw, thank you for the concise answer, it worked! Here's the commit with the error message.
apr over 6 years ago

That line:
create(:standard, name: "1.1.1", proof: proof)
expects proof to be a local variable or method - either set the variable, or change it to:
create(:standard, name: "1.1.1", proof: 'some text of proof')

(the soln from the first person is a better fit)

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