Trigger system switch on Input Director without using hotkeys
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Input Director is a "software KVM" that allows you to control several computers with one keyboard.

You can trigger a switch between computers (i.e. moving the focus from one computer to another) by pressing a designated hotkey.

The problem is that ID's keyboard code is apparently buggy and sometimes the hotkeys don't register.

What I want: A programmatic way to make ID switch to a different system without using the hotkeys. (That means not trying to programmatically press the hotkeys either.) Whichever way you hack ID to make the system switch is okay. (Except for using the hotkeys.)

The deliverables: An executable that I can run with a parameter that says which system to switch to. When the executable is run, it switches the focus to the specified system, so that my keyboard would now control that system. (Of course, all the code must be delivered as well.)

Software versions: All of my systems are Windows XP and I use Input Director 1.3 Beta build 101.

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eji001 9 years ago
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