Translate Python Pil pHash to c++
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I have an app doing a few python pil functions server side. and I need to replicate these in c++ so i can use them in java/swift for mobile. the outputs of the c++ pHash need to match exactly the outputs of the python function. we are thinking maybe the underlying code can be extracted and compiled as a dynamic lib for the target mobiles but we are also open to other approaches for this. Speed is important but certainly not critical.

Basically we need to calculate a pHash function on an image
our current code in python is

from .settings import HASH_SIZE, HASH_FUNC
import imagehash
from PIL import Image
def get_image_hash(path: str = None, image: Image = None):
if path is not None:
image =
return str(HASH_FUNC(image, HASH_SIZE))
def get_threshold_in_bitcount(threshold):
return round(threshold * HASH_BITCOUNT)
def get_bitcount_pct(bits):
return round(bits / HASH_BITCOUNT * 100, 2)

which is based on

which is essentially an implementation of

Excuse me, are there any problems with the compilation and testing of the project? Maybe I can help?
TheOsch 1 year ago
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I spent much time trying different combinations of parameters and comparing arrays item by item and images pixel by pixel to make the code in C++ produce the same hash values that PIL version does. There's still a nonzero probability that hashes of some image produced by Python and C++ will differ by a couple of bits but this probability is very low - I tried many images and didn't find different hashes.

Here is the demo: . Yes, I think it can easily be turned into a dynamic library for mobile devices because it depends on nothing but ImageMagick which works there. Also it's possible to write this function in Java and Swift too.

Waiting for the feedback. Ready to fix everything that will need to be fixed.

Hey there. We will run it today. Since there are no other submissions you will likely get the bounty.
Qdev 1 year ago
Thank you! But won't it expire?
TheOsch 1 year ago
The expire is for the last submissions. Not for award
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TheOsch 1 year ago
Anything wrong?
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Is there still any hope?
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Maybe I'd fix something? As the solution is at GitHub, I can do anything with it even when it has expired.
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Ok, I will.
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Wonderful, thank you very much!
TheOsch 1 year ago