Combining Two Buttons
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I have two buttons that toggle the view in a small application. I'd like to have it be 1 button instead of two so that the current view is the button text, eg. view 1, view 2- so that the user knows what view they're looking at.

How might I accomplish this? Here's some code the demonstrates what I have now.

Please let me know if I can provide more info to help you produce a solution. Thanks in advance.

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3 Solutions

You can access the text of these buttons with innerHtml. If you give them Ids you can change the text with
document.getElememtById("id-of-the-button").innerHTML = "Your new Text"

Winning solution


<button onclick="changeView(1);">Toggle View <span id="viewText">(Front)</span></button>
<button onclick="dropText();">Drop Text</button>
<div style="text-align: center">
  <canvas id="canvas1"></canvas>
  <canvas id="canvas2"></canvas>


var activeCanvas, canvas1, canvas2, view=false; 

$(function() {
  $viewText = document.querySelector("#viewText");  
  canvas1 = new fabric.Canvas('canvas1');
  canvas2 = new fabric.Canvas('canvas2');

function changeView(value) {
  if (view) {
    $viewText.textContent = "(Back)";
    activeCanvas = canvas1;
    $('#canvas1').parent().css('display', 'block');
    $('#canvas2').parent().css('display', 'none');
  } else {
    $viewText.textContent = "(Front)";
    activeCanvas = canvas2;
    $('#canvas1').parent().css('display', 'none');
    $('#canvas2').parent().css('display', 'block');
  view = !view;

function dropText() {
  var text = new fabric.Text('test');
kostasx over 3 years ago
This looks great, thank you.
sharper over 3 years ago
You're welcome. Thank you for the donation.
kostasx over 3 years ago
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