ThreeJs - Implement CCapture.js
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Ccapture.js is a library which permits capturing a canvas animation into images, which can then be converted to a video.

Ccapture Library:

Bounty: Implement the Ccapture.js script into the main demo ("Minefiled", index.php) of Wagner Effects Composer library. You must use the *upgraded version of Wagner Effects Composer library which works with ThreeJs v87 and will be shortly be posted as a solution in this other bounty:

The idea is that with your implmentation I can record the output of the demo (index.html) into a video.
Please expose as many settings as possible (such as fps) on the Ccapture settings.

Target: Chrome browser

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1 Solution

Winning solution

Hey this is your updated version on wagner
and this is you wagner+capturejs code

I am getting errors. I can't run it:
georgefountain 1 year ago
Solved. Thank you
georgefountain 1 year ago