"This is a Test." on Facebook Share of Home Page
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I'm having an issue. Whenever someone shares my home page on Facebook from my website http://www.sketchpadcomedy.com the FB post shows our Name as the title but then "This is a test." in the copy below it. here is the post for reference https://www.facebook.com/sketchpadcomedy/posts/846140185508276

I've changed the home page copy on Wordpress to give a summary of what we do (3 days ago) but it's still popping up that way when people share.

Would love help on this project!

HI Weslly, I've added the plugin per your suggestion! Thank you! Here is the source code now - BEGIN Metadata added by the Add-Meta-Tags WordPress plugin --> (<)meta name="description" content="Sketchpad Comedy helps people create comedy. Located out of St. Louis, MO we do live shows, podcasts, videos and more." (/>) (<)meta name="keywords" content="comedy writing, comedy shows, comedy classes, st louis comedy" (/>) It still shows "This is a test" on my FB share though - would it take a little while to update? Or did I still not fix it? Thank you for your help.
jmflamm1 almost 4 years ago
You need enable the option "Automatically generate Opengraph meta tags." in the plugin settings page.
weslly almost 4 years ago
Also, facebook doesn't update the tags after you posted the link. You would need to post it again to see the changes.
weslly almost 4 years ago
This is great! Thank you so much. It still shows as this is a test on FB (even in a fresh post) but I'm hoping it fixes soon because I now see the source code as the way you described it to be and I made those changes. Gonna mark this as resolved and pay you for your help. We'll see if it works out over next few days. haha. Best, Jason
jmflamm1 almost 4 years ago
Seems like it is updated now :)
weslly almost 4 years ago
Yes! Thank you so much.
jmflamm1 almost 4 years ago
Thanks for the tip!
weslly almost 4 years ago
awarded to weslly

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1 Solution

You should add a description metatag with the correct description inside de <head> tag:

<meta property="og:description" content="Your description here" />

Alternatively, you can also install a plugin which will take care of all the metatags for you: