The Blog Title of Post Is Not Appearing Correctly On Google Plus
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Hello Web Developers:

Whenever I post a blog from into my Google Plus profile it does not display the post title. Instead, it will only say "Fountain Law Firm".

Try posting this blog: into Google Plus and see for yourself. It should say "Common Issues with ATVs".

The website is built on the Wordpress CMS platform and currently has "All In One SEO Pack" installed. Could it be a mistake with the header.php?

Please advise. Thanks!

Your og meta tags look correct. Did you recently fix them? They might be cached by G+
skram almost 6 years ago
It's odd because the post title propagates for other social sites like Facebook but not for G+. I've had this issue before. And no I haven't recently made any changes to the site coding.
cdreyer03 almost 6 years ago
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1 Solution

Looking at the source code I can see that you have this tag:
<span itemprop="name">Fountain Law Firm</span>
I'm not sure how it is implemented in Wordpress template but I know for sure you need to change this to use your post title.

I copied the source code of your site here with a change on that tag and if you try to share it on G+ you will see it:
codingSloth almost 6 years ago
Thanks. Any tips on where to find it? I am not a developer. Is it in the header.php?
cdreyer03 almost 6 years ago
it's possible, but I don't know well WP can't you look for the string "itemprop" in the whole directory of your website?
codingSloth almost 6 years ago
I think this tag is generated by this plugin you use "all in one SEO pack" I can see one module that could be responsible for that: aioseop_opengraph.php do you have a chance to change this file?
codingSloth almost 6 years ago
Also try to check if it's simply defined in the plugin settings, as the description of it says "Visit your SEO options (All in One SEO - General Settings)" maybe there is some option for G+
codingSloth almost 6 years ago
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