Streaming TV with my mom's IP
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I live in the UK and I like to watch Portuguese TV online.
Most channels I can watch simply using a VPN.
But some channels only stream if I have the IP address of my mother, that lives in Portugal.
I need to spoof my ip address with my mother's one.
I can install any software I want in my mother's computer in Portugal and thought of using Teamviewer but that seems of very cumbersome solution.
Also she needs to have her computer on everytime which is not ideal. Maybe there is a better solution, ideally, that would
allow me to use the ip address of my mom that lives in Portugal in the UK for streaming her online TV without having to have her computer on all the time.
What do you think could solve my problem?

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2 Solutions

You can setup her computer as a SSH server and access it as a SSH tunnel socks5 proxy on your computer:

That would require having her computer turned on when you want to connect to it.

You can't get her IP without connecting to her computer first. While it is possible to spoof an IP address, you can't receive the response back:

Winning solution

If your mom's router can run DD-WRT, you could setup an OpenVPN server running on the router itself, as detailed here:

Alternatively, you could also setup a low-power Raspberry Pi to run the OpenVPN server on the local network, as detailed here:

Both of these solutions would allow you to access the Internet through your mom's connection, without needing her computer to be turned on 24/7. However, the internet connection needs to be active, so if your mom connects to the Internet with a modem plugged directly to her computer (without a router creating a local network), then it wouldn't work.

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