standalone (Python prefered) script to output decrypted data used by a SWF
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I would like a script that can take the data (strings) that are used by the SWF at this site ( and outputs the decrypted data as text. The data I will need include the structures used to apply labels, select different images and image series by name, etc.

The data are called by the SWF from urls that are easily seen by built-in browser analytics. For example, the encrypted data in the example can be found at

The action scripts of the SWF are decompilable by JPEXS and the output (labels, menu text, etc) should be easily traceable back to the decryption step by someone with more experience and time than I have.

The solution should allow generalization so that I can use this on other modules from that site. Flash is a last-resort option; if you need flash to do this, the file should be easily modifiable to input keys, source data, and any other requirements.

If you need other data from behind the paywall to verify that your solution can be generalized, contact me.

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