Solve This Question: "'“No such file or directory' Error When Installing Google Cloud Platform Plugin on Eclipse"
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I have a StackOverflow question here:

Point is, do I need to alter Windows or switch to Linux just to get the Google Cloud Platform SDK to work? Or can I use another method? Please let me know any questions that you might have, and thank you!

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The path shown in the error message is 264 characters long, which is indeed longer than MAX_PATH (260 characters, including the terminating NUL). That is very likely the source of the problem.

If you're using Windows 10, there's a registry tweak that can lift that limitation, as detailed here:

Otherwise, if you're not too keen on switching to Linux as your main OS, you can always use a virtual machine instead, with whatever Linux distro you may prefer (e.g. using VirtualBox). The performance won't be as good as running Linux natively, but it should be good enough for development.

One thing you could try is to split the path in two using a symbolic link with mklink. For example, you could make C:\...\google-cloud-tools-java point to C:\gctj and that would shorten the paths by about 60 characters. I doubt this would work, however, as from the point of the view of the installer, it would still be dealing with paths that are too long.

A virtual machine's a good idea, thank you.
paulrobertdoherty almost 5 years ago