Small JS file/blob upload script
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I need a small JS script which will upload local files or blob files to a target Aliyun OSS storage space

They have a JS SDK here on Github along with some demo files:

They also have some docs here:

The description isn’t in English unfortunately but the code is relatively straightforward and I can provide tips if necessary for your effort :)


So how would your workflow be with the script? For example, you wanna give it a directory and credentials, and it uploads files (picking some upload method based on file's size), do you want to see the progress, how do you want it to be like?
thelostt over 1 year ago
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upload_to_aliyun(client, "local-file|blob|buffer", "destination-path-location");

user856 has emailed me when I made a comment on their bounty, so they asked to post "Reserved", so the bounty don't expire. I'll update the solution as I finish it.
thelostt over 1 year ago
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