Simple ruby substring
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I have a test string:

I need a ruby method:

  • It will accept 1 parameter - the string itself
  • It will parse the string and look for any letters which are not ACTG (case insensitive)
  • It will return an array of arrays of non-ACTG letters
  • It should efficient, as strings can be 2MB or longer in length

[[4,1],[12,1],[140,2]....] <- note these locations do not match the string above

awarded to vanceza

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Here's a simple answer using regular expressions in Ruby. I tested it using Ruby 2.1.1, but it should work in previous versions.

def findBadChars str
        badChars = []
        pos = 0
        while m = str.match(/[^ACTG]+/i, pos) do
            beg, pos = m.offset(0)
            length = pos - beg
            badChars << [beg, length]

Thanks for your answer, I just checked the requirements and I left something out. The return value should actually be a single space separated string of values, eg: 4,1 12,1 140,2
kusadasi over 6 years ago

I think this should work fine:

Basically it's @vanceza solution so I would not be mad if you don't give me the bounty :)

Sorry but I have to award it to @vanceza... but FYI I had problems getting your solution to work, ended up doing this: badChars.each do |elem| self.log(elem) output += "#{elem[0]},#{elem[1]} " end
kusadasi over 6 years ago
no problem, its fine :)). Whoaa, I can't believe I did just put "beg, length" hahah. I'm a php lazy
alv-c over 6 years ago
No it's cool... and thanks for your answer. Cheers!
kusadasi over 6 years ago
Yet another solution:
poserg over 6 years ago
I like this latest one ... more Rubyish
kusadasi over 6 years ago
I like this latest one ... more Rubyish
kusadasi over 6 years ago
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