Simple PHP/MySQL ToDo List
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I would like a simple ToDo list application built on PHP, HTML, and JavaScript/jQuery. Basically like 'reminders' on iOS/OSX (but no need to style it, though).


  • Dynamically loads/creates/deletes items via Ajax
  • Clean the inputs to prevent SQL Injection
  • Saves items to MySQL DB
  • Buttons
    • Add New Item
    • Clear all items (with popup confirmation)
  • Each item should have
    • title of item (or name, whichever you want to call it)
    • check/delete button
    • date created
    • PHP 5.3.14


Does it need support for multiple users?
minitech 9 years ago
@minitech No, but if you could I'm willing to tip you an extra dollar or two.
alex 9 years ago
Is PHP 5.4 okay to use?
minitech 9 years ago
@minitech Could you please use 5.3.14? My web-server is not exactly up-to-date. Thanks.
alex 9 years ago
And... why don't you want to use a table to show the items? (Or should it just not look like a table?)
minitech 9 years ago
@minitech Personal preference, but I guess you could use that. I'll edit the post.
alex 9 years ago
@alex: can you post the revised code here? OR @minitech: can you update the todo version to work.. I browsed the code its got what i need. I cant get it to work...
antonyf over 8 years ago
awarded to minitech

Crowdsource coding tasks.

3 Solutions

Winning solution

Voilà! The database structure is in todo.sql and the database configuration is in system/database.php. I haven't finished the activation e-mail yet (just wanted to make sure I actually did the right thing _) so you can activate manually by changing the users.key field for your user to NULL.

I keep getting this error: [23-Sep-2012 02:52:11 UTC] PHP Warning: PDO::_construct() expects parameter 4 to be array, string given in /publichtml/todo/system/database.php on line 7 [23-Sep-2012 02:52:11 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function setAttribute() on a non-object in /public_html/todo/system/database.php on line 8
alex 9 years ago
@alex: Did you update the credentials and use a comma by accident instead of a period? The first one should be a period.
minitech 9 years ago
@minitech NVM, I got it. :P Thanks!
alex 9 years ago
@minitech, oh BTW, your login system took some tweaking to actually get me logged in.
alex 9 years ago
@alex: Huh, what kind of tweaking?
minitech 9 years ago
@minitech your !== should be != and your authenticate() function needed to be changed a little
alex 9 years ago
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