simple brute force python script
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Supposing we have endpoint as

and we have parameters of the POST request to the endpoint.

I want a python script to make a post request to an endpoint and brute force the XXXX 8 digits pin using a dictionary file.

awarded to guy_do_or_die

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1 Solution

from requests import post
url = ''
for k in range(0, 10000):
        password = str(k).zfill(4)
        if post(url % password).ok:
           print password
it is a post request, and it checks for 200 in if post(url % password).ok
guy_do_or_die almost 3 years ago
nope, it means POST request with params in URL ) but you can also pass it like that post(url, data=dict(param1=value, param2=value2, password=password)), if you wish
guy_do_or_die almost 3 years ago
which python? if it's 3+, then there should be print(password)
guy_do_or_die almost 3 years ago
Thank you!
privcrawler almost 3 years ago
it seems like it falls out in try-catch block, pls, remove those lines and let me know what is the error
guy_do_or_die almost 3 years ago