Simple .arc files repacker
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I need a repacker for .arc files used e.g. in Nintendo DS systems. An unpacking tool for this type of .arc is already available, but there's as of now no way to repack the contents. An example of packed .bins as an .arc: Arc unpacker example: Please, keep the app as easy to use as possible.

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Have you tried tools like ARC Pack or U8 Tools or DarchD of RARC Packer?

You can find them all on this page:
(Use Google Translate since it's in Russian).

All of them seem so work, but even after LZ77 compression all the files contain around 40kb of additional data, scattered around the file. After dumping the original file and repacking with one of the tools the software doesn't work.
rjltgfyiulltgf over 5 years ago