Show me the best place to learn PHP, specifically Plugin development
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I understand programming basics as I spent 2 years in Python data science, and I learned Javascript basics too. I have not learned PHP's basic syntax yet.

I want to be able to do custom Plugins in Wordpress so I need a resource that glosses over the syntax of PHP since I have never studied it yet and dives deep into how to develop plugins in Wordpress.

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To really learn plugin development, you would need to learn the basics of PHP, HTML and CSS
Here are some of the links that might help you learn those




-You also need to learn wordpress

-There is a plugin developer handbook here that is useful

-Learning about plugin API also comes in handy

-Learn about plugin functions here

-after you've learned all the basics, you of course need to document your plugin for easier installation and use. Learn that here

- You might also want to use a versioning system. in which case Git and Github would be amazing tools

If you prefer video courses then here is a free Youtube course

This video series helped me a lot starting out:

I also recommend taking existing plugins and tweaking parts of it to see what works and what doesn't.

Hope this helps.

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I always start learning a new language/framework by learning the basic syntax in learnxinyminutes, and gloss over the official docs. It's always a good idea to start a simple project and Google what you don't pick up from docs.

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