Show button on table row hover and add zeroclipboard (bootstrap3)
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I have a table that looks like this

I want to show that span/button when the user hovers on anything in the row. for devices that dont have flash, lets show it with the other buttons on right. so basically we have something like a progressive enhancement/fallback around this feature.

the next tricky feature I need is that for the button to trigger getting the url of the document on left using

now zero has a fallback event that will handle the detection for us, not sure if that can be used to help structure the fallback for the table layout but it seems like it would all work rather seamless to align this feature.

I see not much traction on this, I assume its my cheap price. I will bonus an additional 25 to the winner of this bounty.
Qdev almost 6 years ago
give me your table code, I can do this
HangYang almost 6 years ago
and zeroclipboard needs flash, so you can not do this with it.
HangYang almost 6 years ago
Thanks for your comment. Can you be more specific on what won't work? I have the idea for no flash fallback. Thx!
Qdev almost 6 years ago
The ZeroClipboard library provides an easy way to copy text to the clipboard using an invisible Adobe Flash movie and a JavaScript interface. You said you are going to use zeroclipboard, it has flash fallback. And I can do this with out any framework, just js and jquery.
HangYang almost 6 years ago
Everything I've been able to find points to flash being needed to work cross browser and without security warnings. Are you sure pure js works?
Qdev almost 6 years ago
Could you elaborate a bit on “for devices that dont have flash, lets show it with the other buttons on right”? If flash isn’t available, copying to the clipboard won’t work therefore I don’t understand why you’d want to move the button to the right? As @HangYang already said, it would also be useful if you could share your existing code for the table.
SonicHedgehog almost 6 years ago

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