Shell script- prompt user for password, save in variable and call that variable when promoted for ssh password
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I have script to ssh to multiple server one at a time. The only problem is it keeps asking for password everytime i ssh. The solution im after is that when i ssh to that server the variable will be provided as password. Note that cannot install sshpas.

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You may use SSH without password by generating a key/pair for each server you want to connect. After that, you won't be asked for a password :

It's much better than storing the password in "clear" mode.

Hi kerncy, i will try this first and award you the bounty once it is confirmed. I'm just hoping sshkey gen is not disabled on my user ids. I'm not the admin/root/sudo user. Just to confirm, do i need to generate the key on the jump server on every remote servers i have? Like i have 20 servers or i can copy the same key to all?this is also per user right? other user on the server need to set up their own sshkeys?
Newbiebounty 16 days ago
Hello, thank you for the award. I'm a bit late to answer your questions, but you will have to generate the keys on each server (you can't use the same I think, and it's better for security reason). You also have to generate a key per user.
kerncy 15 days ago

I use the following command:

sshpass -p "YOURPASSWORD" ssh

And I have created an alias:

alias connect='sshpass -p "YOURPASSWORD" ssh'

So on my terminal I do:

$ connect

...whenever I want quick access

Actually, i dont think i can use sshpas as it not installed by default and i cannot use yum.Also, i created a shell script menu driven as i have 20+ servers. If you can advise other than the sshkey gen, will weigh it against the sshkey answer
Newbiebounty 16 days ago
"i cannot use yum" - it sounds like that's the first problem you should solve.
slang 15 days ago
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