Secondlife Transaction History
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I'm looking for a simple PHP script that will automatically:

  • login to with the credentials
  • navigate to the transaction history page
  • download the .XLS file for the selected period of time into the server where the php script is running. (the .xls link is avaliable in the transaction history).

-You can create a account for free.
-In the transaction history page - - the .xls file can be easily downloaded, even with 0 transactions.

There's no captchas or complex anti-bot measures BUT there is some kind of redirection that 'masks' the session and needs to be overcome.

PS: There's a previous bountify's from 8 years ago but it doesn't work with the current auth system. Maybe can be a starting point.

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1 Solution

Hellow @TonyGhost
Here is the project, you can just download it and try it out.
Make sure you change the username and passwords. I have even added a date range for custom dates.
If there is anything you don`t understand please reach out.


Hello, thank you but the file is not avaliable.
TonyGhost over 1 year ago