SecondLife Transaction History
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i need a script / program written that will run as a cronjob (or scheduled task in windows) to download my transaction history for date a to date b, the data needs to be downloaded to an xml file..

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if you have any questions let me know, but it should be fairly straight forward i would think.

Just a friendly reminder to check my answer below. :)
alex 9 years ago
Alex - Your solution does not work, i tried this long before you googled it for me.
dvsxutact 9 years ago
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This script uses the simple web browser provided with the simpletest Unit Testing Framework Simpletest can be found here. This is a modified script that was originaly written by Tyche Shepherd here


  1. Download this, and upload it to your webserver.
  2. Add your first name, last name, and password into the download.php file on lines 17, 18, and 19.

    $firstname = 'FIRSTNAME'; 
    $lastname = 'LASTNAME';
    $password = 'PASSWORD';
  3. Set the the dates you want on lines 17 to 24

    // Date End
    $m1 = "02";
    $d1 = "12";
    $y1 = "2012";
    // Date Start
    $m2 = "03";
    $d2 = "20";
    $y2 = "2012";
  4. Setup cronjob.

  5. Enjoy!


Files are saved like this transactions20120320_20120212.xml.