Search Function for Site
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There is a search function on the site, but it does not populate any results. Either need the current function fixed, or a new solution. Thanks

Hi could you please tell me what should I try searching on it for example? I tried searching "page" and it showed me the results.
ashishkadam almost 5 years ago
Hi, Try "car accidents" or "britax" thank you
cdreyer03 almost 5 years ago

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1 Solution

it need to be fixed through php, so you have to give me more details about website content (in your database).

What do you need? Thanks
cdreyer03 almost 5 years ago
since you are making a search, so, every topic you have in your database, will have a related tags, so the search function, normally, runs to fetch the topics saved in your database (topics = articles = blogs) and will return, the topics that have the specified tag (what you want to search for) and if you want extra results, you can even get topics, that have the specified tag in it's title then in it's content. this is how search functions works.
Chlegou almost 5 years ago