Scroll to reCAPTCHA element
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When a visitor does not fill one or any of the required fields, browser automatically scroll up to that unfilled field. The problem is when all fields are completed but not verified by google reCAPTCHA, the browser scroll the top of the browser and the visitor does not know and there is no impression that something else needs to be done to send the form. Thus, it is necessary to make scroll up to reCAPTCHA element when unchecked.

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You can fix it easily by changing the following line:

quform/js/plugins.js (line 244):




and thats it

By the way i suggest using this attribute with the phone field to prevent submitting text (at least on the client side):

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Thanks Ahmed for fast and quality help :)
Saaskoo over 1 year ago
You are most welcome, Thank you :)
ahmedengu over 1 year ago