Screens in React.JS + ES6
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Hi, I hope you are all doing ok.
I need a screen developed with React.JS and Material UI, on which is displayed a list of condominiuns of houses (name of the condominium, number of residents registered, address). After the user clicks on a specific condomium, a list of users linked to that condominium is displayed (Name, email)
Moreover, there is a third screen, on which is displayed the info of the user (After clicking on a specific user). The details should come with name, address, phone, email and a button that does nothing.

Backing to the list of condominiuns, there should be a edit button, on which the user can alter the data using a modal, or delete the condominium.

The screens should be well designed (attractive).

The data should be comming from any arbitrary api (using fetch() - ES6)


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