Scraper for Seeking Alpha
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I'd like a scraper for Seeking Alpha (

Seeking Alpha has profiles for each of its members (you can search for it in the top right corner of the website).

I'm looking for profiles that have the following words in it:
- hedge funds
- former
- ex
- portfolio manager

Here are two examples of posts that I'd like to see:

The delivery is a CSV that includes the following in columns:
Column 1: User Name
Column 2: URL of profile
Column 3: How many keywords does it match (1, 2, 3, or 4)?

I only see 50 "Premium" Authors. are there more, or is this the list to work with at this time. If so, I would expect that this list will grow and you will want to filter future results with past ones. Can you confirm these points? (only 50 authors and the past - future authors)
TGIFriday almost 6 years ago
Hi - I am not looking for a scraper for those 50. I'm looking for a crawler with the above keywords using the search box. Unfortunately, I don't see a directory of all the profiles on seeking alpha but i see If you crawled all profiles from a through z and searched for those keywords, I'm looking for CSV output of that. Does that help?
sk11 almost 6 years ago
yes, thank you.
TGIFriday almost 6 years ago
Terms of service appears to prohibit this use of data, so I will pass on this project.. Thank you for the feedback AND the opportunity to assist.
TGIFriday almost 6 years ago
awarded to johnmurch

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Winning solution

I apologies in advanced as this is my first bountify and although it says not to provide links to github but figured it would make it easier to run. I wrote it as a node.js script.

In order to find as many authors as I could I pulled each of the Top 100 from each section from

In addition I added a column 4: that has the keywords that are in the profile.

Code and Results:

    //How to Run
    //1. Install Node.js and NPM
    //2. Install Packages
    //Required Packages
    //npm install request
    //npm install async
    //npm install underscore
    //npm cheerio
    //3. node scrapeSeekingAlpha.js
    //This should generate results.csv


    "Prudent Finances",,1,"ex"
    "Dividend Dreams",,1,"ex"
    "Ranjit Goswami",,1,"ex"
    "WisdomTree",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "George Fisher",,1,"ex"
    "Edward Harrison",,1,"ex"
    "Chris Lau",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew Bradbard",,1,"ex"
    "Andy Singh",,1,"ex"
    "Peter Arendas",,1,"ex"
    "Mycroft",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Markham Lee",,1,"ex"
    "Reggie Middleton",,1,"ex"
    "Perry Kaufman",,1,"ex"
    "Caiman Valores",,1,"ex"
    "Stephen Ryan",,1,"ex"
    "Young Money Monsters",,1,"ex"
    "Contrarian Analysis",,1,"ex"
    "Rahim Madhavji",,1,"ex"
    "Cash King",,1,"ex"
    "Lipper Insight at Thomson Reuters",,1,"ex"
    "Bill Stoller",,1,"ex"
    "Gian Guardo",,1,"ex"
    "Glenn Williams",,1,"former"
    "Eric Parnell, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "G.Bin Zhao",,1,"ex"
    "Dane Van Domelen",,1,"ex"
    "Principal Financial Group",,1,"ex"
    "Ketan Chokshi",,1,"ex"
    "Sharmila Ghosh",,1,"ex"
    "Mark Bern, CFA",,2,"former,ex"
    "Long Player",,1,"ex"
    "Malvin Spooner",,2,"former,ex"
    "Douglas Tengdin, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Detroit Bear",,1,"ex"
    "Zacks Funds",,1,"ex"
    "The Street Sweeper",,1,"ex"
    "George Spritzer, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Chilton REIT Team",,1,"ex"
    "Jason Kaplan",,1,"ex"
    "David Trainer",,1,"ex"
    "Joe McCann",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Mutual Fund Observer",,1,"ex"
    "Arie Goren",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Lake",,1,"ex"
    "Volte-Face Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Llenrock Group",,1,"ex"
    "George Dorgan",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "53rd Street Capital",,1,"ex"
    "Henry Le",,1,"ex"
    "Insider Monkey",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Acting Man",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Epoch Times",,1,"ex"
    "Joseph L. Shaefer",,1,"ex"
    "Harsh Singh Chauhan",,1,"ex"
    "Angus Taylor",,1,"ex"
    "Hedgewise",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "The Value Portfolio",,1,"ex"
    "Brad McMillan",,1,"ex"
    "Saibus Research",,1,"ex"
    "Jeffrey Bernstein",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Mark Kowalski",,1,"ex"
    "Jim Kimmelman",,1,"ex"
    "Celan Bryant",,1,"ex"
    "Jeff Malec",,1,"ex"
    "Noah Kiedrowski",,1,"ex"
    "Central Asset Investments",,1,"ex"
    "John M. Mason",,2,"former,ex"
    "Zvi Bar",,1,"ex"
    "Stock Buzz",,1,"ex"
    "Clinically Sound Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Judy Weil",,1,"ex"
    "Stuart Parkinson",,2,"former,ex"
    "Michael Krause",,1,"ex"
    "Lior Ronen",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Grant Hosticka",,1,"ex"
    "Downtown Investment Advisory",,1,"ex"
    "George Hanley",,1,"ex"
    "Mark Gomes",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Jason Ditz",,1,"ex"
    "Doug Young",,1,"ex"
    "Bob Ciura",,1,"ex"
    "Ugly Duckling",,1,"ex"
    "Invesco US",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew D. McCall",,1,"ex"
    "Equity Watch",,1,"ex"
    "Ashraf Laidi",,2,"former,ex"
    "Himanshu Gupta",,1,"ex"
    "Morgan Myrmo",,1,"ex"
    "Eaton Vance",,1,"ex"
    "Dan Strack",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Richardson GMP, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Adam Gana",,1,"ex"
    "The Inflation Trader",,1,"ex"
    "High Yield Investor",,1,"ex"
    "West Coast Growth Picks",,1,"ex"
    "Mohamed El-Erian",,2,"former,ex"
    "L&F Capital Management",,1,"ex"
    "TrimTabs",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Andres Capital Management",,1,"ex"
    "Brian Barbour",,1,"ex"
    "Harry Dent",,1,"ex"
    "Richard S. Daskin CFA, CFP(R)",,1,"ex"
    "Cullen Roche",,1,"ex"
    "Ben S. Bernanke",,1,"ex"
    "David Zanoni",,1,"ex"
    "ValueWalk",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Williams Equity Research",,1,"ex"
    "Russ Koesterich, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Scott Linge",,1,"ex"
    "John Early",,1,"ex"
    "Shock Exchange",,1,"ex"
    "Gary Bourgeault",,1,"former"
    "Dzhafer Medzhakhed",,1,"ex"
    "Arsene Lupin",,1,"ex"
    "Wall Street Survivor",,1,"ex"
    "Russ Fischer",,1,"ex"
    "Enzio von Pfeil",,1,"ex"
    "Gary Jakacky",,1,"ex"
    "Dallas Salazar",,2,"former,ex"
    "RealFin Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd",,1,"ex"
    "Daniel Jones",,1,"hedge fund"
    "William Henderson",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Clark Capital Management Group",,1,"ex"
    "Roger Ehrenberg",,2,"hedge fund,former"
    "Charles Margolis",,1,"ex"
    "The Value Investor",,1,"ex"
    "John Cochrane",,1,"ex"
    "Tae Jo",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Thurman Dunn",,1,"ex"
    "Parsimony Investment Research",,1,"ex"
    "James Cordier",,1,"ex"
    "Tariq Dennison",,1,"ex"
    "Colin Lloyd",,1,"ex"
    "Horizon Kinetics",,1,"ex"
    "Mobile Guru",,1,"ex"
    "Fundamental Investment",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Bodman",,1,"ex"
    "Investor Psyche",,1,"ex"
    "Franklin Templeton Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Daniel Irvin",,1,"ex"
    "David Goldman",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Chris Puplava",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Lars Christensen",,1,"ex"
    "Peter Schiff",,1,"ex"
    "John Hussman",,1,"ex"
    "Ong Kang Wei",,1,"ex"
    "Shaun Rein",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Scott Nursten",,1,"ex"
    "Scott Martindale",,1,"ex"
    "Christopher F. Davis",,1,"ex"
    "Benjamin Cole",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Vaughan",,1,"ex"
    "The Business Insider",,1,"former"
    "Wall Street Daily",,1,"ex"
    "Morningstar",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "The Dividend Guy",,1,"ex"
    "Devon Shire",,1,"ex"
    "Frances Coppola",,1,"ex"
    "Money Metals Exchange",,1,"ex"
    "Jeff Miller",,3,"former,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Hillside Advisors",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Konrad, CFA",,2,"hedge fund,portfolio manager"
    "Lawrence Williams",,1,"former"
    "Joe Eqcome",,2,"former,ex"
    "Kevin Arledge",,1,"ex"
    "Kid Dynamite",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Eddie Herring",,1,"ex"
    "Edward Hugh",,1,"ex"
    "Todd Lee, CFA",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Ted Kavadas",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Castellano",,1,"ex"
    "Alfonso Esparza",,1,"ex"
    "Marwood Capital",,1,"ex"
    "George Acs",,1,"ex"
    "TheBaron Investing",,1,"ex"
    "Steve Guenette",,1,"ex"
    "Profit Propositions",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Neil Cybart",,1,"ex"
    "William Matson, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Callum Turcan",,1,"ex"
    "David Fish",,1,"ex"
    "Ed Dolan",,1,"ex"
    "Stock Doctor",,1,"ex"
    "Kyle Fishman",,1,"ex"
    "Kevin Carter",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Michael Fabian",,1,"ex"
    "Karen Webster",,1,"ex"
    "Economics Fanatic",,1,"ex"
    "Mithra Forensic Research",,1,"ex"
    "Wall Street Strategies",,1,"ex"
    "Rock Health",,1,"ex"
    "Kathy Lien",,1,"ex"
    "Chuck Carnevale",,1,"ex"
    "Irfan Chaudhry",,1,"ex"
    "Stephen Aniston",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Phil Timyan",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Luke Nagell",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "M F",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Hard Asset Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Markus Aarnio",,1,"ex"
    "Hannes Sverrisson",,1,"ex"
    "Rookie IRA Investor",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Avi Gilburt",,1,"former"
    "Pharma Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas Durante",,1,"ex"
    "David Kotok",,1,"ex"
    "John Grandits",,1,"ex"
    "Dr. Stephen Leeb",,1,"ex"
    "J Mintzmyer",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Greg Newton",,1,"hedge fund"
    "APAC Investment News",,1,"ex"
    "Dan Bortolotti",,1,"ex"
    "Barry Ritholtz",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Josh Arnold",,1,"ex"
    "Tim Plaehn",,1,"ex"
    "Mitch DeVan",,1,"ex"
    "Paulo Santos",,1,"ex"
    "Danielle Park, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Bret Jensen",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Grant Ferowich",,1,"former"
    "Brad Zigler",,1,"ex"
    "Malay Bansal",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Anthony Clarke",,1,"ex"
    "Atlantic Perspective",,1,"ex"
    "Smart Value Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Ralph Shell",,1,"ex"
    "WarrenPuppet",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Shelby Cardozo",,1,"ex"
    "Kofi Bofah",,1,"ex"
    "Lewis Humphries",,1,"ex"
    "Travis McPherson",,1,"ex"
    "Bradley Lamensdorf",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Timothy Taylor",,1,"ex"
    "Jeremy Raper",,2,"former,ex"
    "Ron Rowland",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Christopher Holt",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Saj Karsan",,1,"ex"
    "William Meyers",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Ranalli",,1,"ex"
    "Lee Taylor",,1,"ex"
    "Casual Analyst",,1,"ex"
    "Harry Long",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Musings of a Banker",,1,"ex"
    "Fun Trading",,1,"former"
    "Norman Tweed",,1,"ex"
    "Kevin Means",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Jerome Lam",,1,"ex"
    "Leo Soong",,2,"former,ex"
    "S&P Dow Jones Indices",,1,"ex"
    "Aranca",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Larry Abrams",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Lewis",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Tom Lydon",,1,"ex"
    "Jim Van Meerten",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Cotanche Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Matt Smith",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Vine Investor",,1,"ex"
    "James Nicholson",,1,"ex"
    "Timberwolf Equity Research",,1,"ex"
    "Brian Romanchuk",,1,"ex"
    "Todd Walker",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Hebba Investments",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Gary Antonacci",,1,"ex"
    "Shishir Nigam",,1,"ex"
    "Jeff Opdyke",,1,"ex"
    "Eli Inkrot",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Third Eye Market Analyst",,1,"ex"
    "Roger Nusbaum",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Saintvilus",,1,"ex"
    "Koos Jansen",,1,"ex"
    "Ian Cassel",,1,"ex"
    "Buffett's Apprentice",,1,"ex"
    "Elite E Services",,1,"ex"
    "Sean Dalton",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Zack Miller",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Steven Bavaria",,1,"ex"
    "Prescient Investment Analysis",,1,"ex"
    "Tim Travis",,1,"ex"
    "Wall Street Titan",,1,"ex"
    "Anthony Ruben",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Nilsen",,1,"ex"
    "Long Term Bio",,1,"ex"
    "Jason Van Steenwyk",,1,"ex"
    "Cliff Wachtel",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Berger",,2,"former,ex"
    "Beacon Asset Managers",,1,"ex"
    "Pim Keulen",,1,"ex"
    "David Easter",,1,"ex"
    "Nikhil Gupta",,1,"ex"
    "Christopher Balding",,1,"ex"
    "David Krejca",,1,"ex"
    "Scott Fearon",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Ben Miller",,1,"ex"
    "Chameleon Trader",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Thomas Hughes",,1,"former"
    "Charlie You",,1,"ex"
    "Simit Patel",,1,"ex"
    "Soldier of Fortune",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Sean Maher",,1,"ex"
    "Larry Swedroe",,1,"ex"
    "Chris Martenson",,1,"ex"
    "Katusa Research",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "John McKenna",,1,"former"
    "Shiv Kapoor",,1,"ex"
    "Charlie Harrison",,1,"former"
    "Lee Eugene Munson, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "CorvetteKid",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Reuben Sushman",,1,"ex"
    "Adam Hamilton",,1,"ex"
    "Alpha World",,1,"ex"
    "The CEF Guy",,1,"ex"
    "Jesse Felder",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Dhierin Bechai",,1,"ex"
    "Cup & Handle",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Edward Abraham",,1,"ex"
    "Carl Cachia",,1,"ex"
    "Alex Gurvich",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Russ Winter",,1,"ex"
    "Joe Springer",,1,"ex"
    "Negative Returns",,1,"ex"
    "Opportunity Hunter",,1,"ex"
    "Chronic Bull",,1,"ex"
    "Brian Dightman",,1,"ex"
    "Invest With An Edge",,1,"ex"
    "Richard E. Fearon, Jr.",,1,"ex"
    "Ben Axler",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Street Instincts",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Singarella Jr.",,1,"ex"
    "Jeroen Blokland",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Ironman at Political Calculations",,1,"former"
    "Andrew Sachais",,2,"hedge fund,former"
    "David Backer",,1,"ex"
    "Sold At The Top",,1,"ex"
    "John Cole Scott",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Jeff Nielson",,1,"ex"
    "Brett Owens",,1,"ex"
    "Andrew Stephan",,1,"ex"
    "ARK Investment Management",,1,"ex"
    "Convergence Investments",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Matt Margolis",,1,"ex"
    "Dean Popplewell",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew Castel",,1,"ex"
    "Canadian Small Cap Oped",,1,"ex"
    "Dan Stringer",,1,"ex"
    "SevenSeas Investment Research",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Jacob Urban",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Jonathan Galitzer",,1,"ex"
    "CEF Analyzer",,1,"ex"
    "Sammy Pollack",,1,"ex"
    "Martin Vlcek",,1,"ex"
    "Bill Kort",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas P. Cheer",,1,"ex"
    "Chris Versace",,1,"ex"
    "Finance Banter",,1,"ex"
    "Paco Ahlgren",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Suttmeier",,1,"ex"
    "Lawrence Chan",,1,"ex"
    "Christopher Bayliss",,1,"former"
    "Retire Before Dad",,1,"ex"
    "Feria Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Aaron Barton",,1,"ex"
    "Interactive Brokers",,1,"ex"
    "Dividend Mantra",,1,"ex"
    "Vance Harwood",,1,"ex"
    "Kirk Bostrom",,1,"ex"
    "Euan Mearns",,1,"ex"
    "Samson Capital Advisors",,1,"ex"
    "David Crosetti",,1,"ex"
    "Sven Carlin",,1,"ex"
    "Investment U",,1,"ex"
    "Edward Dostillio",,1,"ex"
    "Igor Tsukerman",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Celestial Hedge",,1,"ex"
    "Nelson Alves",,1,"ex"
    "Wells Fargo Asset Management",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "James Catlin",,1,"ex"
    "Adam Scott",,1,"ex"
    "Lance Roberts",,1,"ex"
    "Tushar Chande",,1,"ex"
    "Mark J. Perry",,1,"ex"
    "Philip Baker",,1,"ex"
    "Canadian Dividend Growth Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Healey",,1,"former"
    "Thomas Pound",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Sean Dougherty",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Armistead",,1,"ex"
    "Ted Waller",,1,"ex"
    "Erik Kobayashi-Solomon",,2,"hedge fund,portfolio manager"
    "The Rational Walk",,1,"ex"
    "Evan Buck",,1,"ex"
    "Bespoke Investment Group",,2,"former,ex"
    "Tim Harrison",,1,"ex"
    "Jason Merriam",,1,"ex"
    "James Bjorkman",,1,"ex"
    "Alex B. Gray",,2,"former,ex"
    "Sean Bellamy McNulty",,1,"ex"
    "Christian Magoon",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew Worley",,1,"ex"
    "The Socially Responsible Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Lindmark",,1,"ex"
    "Mark Abssy",,1,"ex"
    "Garry Wilson",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Kang",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Markit",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Harris Roen",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "AlphaBetaWorks",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Nelli Oster",,1,"ex"
    "Thomas Lott",,3,"hedge fund,former,portfolio manager"
    "Market Folly",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Alex Cho",,1,"ex"
    "Peter Pham",,2,"former,ex"
    "FX Analyst",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Michael Shedlock",,1,"ex"
    "Brian Wu",,1,"ex"
    "Alpha Now at Thomson Reuters",,1,"ex"
    "Reid K.",,1,"ex"
    "Thomas Smicklas",,1,"ex"
    "Mateusz Polak",,1,"ex"
    "Arthur Stein",,2,"former,ex"
    "Accendo Markets",,1,"ex"
    "Constantin Gurdgiev",,1,"ex"
    "Value With A Catalyst",,1,"ex"
    "Penny Stock Realist",,1,"ex"
    "Aaron Katsman",,1,"ex"
    "Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin",,1,"ex"
    "Stock Gazer",,1,"ex"
    "The LFB",,1,"ex"
    "Dr. Terry Allen",,1,"ex"
    "Joseph P. Porter",,1,"ex"
    "Kevin Grewal",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Gerstein Fisher",,1,"ex"
    "Gary Golnik",,1,"ex"
    "Antonio Carradinha",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Harm Elderman",,2,"former,ex"
    "Mark Yagalla",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Kanak Kanti De",,1,"ex"
    "Bill Maurer",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Aspire Aviation",,2,"former,ex"
    "Larry Meyers",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Michael Sacerdote",,1,"ex"
    "Long-Short Value",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Fred Piard",,1,"ex"
    "Vlada Kynsky",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew Waterman",,1,"ex"
    "David Merkel, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Joe Leider",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Faulkner",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Jeffrey Laverty",,1,"ex"
    "Vishal Khandelwal",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas Vardy",,2,"hedge fund,former"
    "Gary Gordon",,1,"ex"
    "T. Marc Schober",,1,"ex"
    "Peter F. Way, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "GuruFundPicks",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Bidness Etc",,1,"ex"
    "Crunching Numbers",,1,"ex"
    "Khurram Rao",,1,"ex"
    "Wall Street Wisdom",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Robin Nieland",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Battat",,1,"ex"
    "J. S. Kim",,1,"ex"
    "Alpha Exposure",,1,"ex"
    "Stanislav Ermilov",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Robert P. Balan",,1,"ex"
    "Kyle Spencer",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Shaw",,1,"ex"
    "Jeffrey Saut",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Tom Kametz",,1,"ex"
    "Craig Pirrong",,1,"ex"
    "Aswath Damodaran",,1,"ex"
    "Alexander Valtsev",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Madell",,1,"ex"
    "TheOceaneer",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Bret Crafton, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Annaly Salvos",,1,"ex"
    "Nathan Buehler",,1,"ex"
    "Jonathan Kinlay",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Alec Brosnahan",,1,"ex"
    "Anton Wahlman",,1,"former"
    "Asset Investing",,1,"ex"
    "Mad Hedge Fund Trader",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Doyle Publishing Ltd.",,2,"former,ex"
    "Matthew J. Patterson",,1,"ex"
    "Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Grogan",,1,"ex"
    "Bruce Miller",,1,"ex"
    "Alpha Architect",,1,"ex"
    "Elite Wealth Management",,1,"ex"
    "Anthony Cataldo",,1,"ex"
    "Michael J. Bernard",,1,"ex"
    "Matthew Sauer, Esq.",,1,"ex"
    "Dr. Hugh Akston",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Matthew Finston",,1,"ex"
    "Rick Ferri",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Zeits",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Pamela Peerce-Landers",,1,"ex"
    "MyTradingIncome",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Joshua Brown",,1,"ex"
    "Big Pine Research",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Nguyen",,1,"ex"
    "Investor Trip",,1,"ex"
    "Nunez Enterprises",,1,"ex"
    "Portfolio Management 101",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Roach",,1,"ex"
    "Pat Stout",,1,"ex"
    "John Dowdee",,1,"ex"
    "Mark Krieger",,1,"ex"
    "Paul Novell",,1,"ex"
    "Chance Carson",,1,"ex"
    "Doug Eberhardt",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Howard, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Orion Portfolios",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Robert Boslego",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "John Zhang",,1,"ex"
    "John Petersen",,1,"ex"
    "Value Digger",,1,"ex"
    "I Know First Research",,1,"ex"
    "Unconventional Capital Wisdom",,1,"ex"
    "Illuminati Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Elliott Gue",,1,"ex"
    "Randy Carlson",,1,"ex"
    "Matt Bohlsen",,1,"ex"
    "Scrying Biotech",,1,"ex"
    "Ben Inker",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "John D. Thomason",,1,"ex"
    "Bram de Haas",,2,"former,ex"
    "New Low Observer",,1,"ex"
    "The Angry Bear",,3,"former,ex,portfolio manager"
    "South Gent",,1,"ex"
    "Ben Hunt",,1,"ex"
    "Steven Saville",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Bloch",,1,"ex"
    "Lovet A. Ako",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Special Situations and Arbs",,1,"ex"
    "BDC Buzz",,1,"ex"
    "Sergio Heiber",,1,"hedge fund"
    "AH Research",,1,"ex"
    "MA Capital Management",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "D. Mero",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Bryant",,1,"ex"
    "Trent Tillman",,1,"ex"
    "The GeoTeam",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Don Dion",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Edgar Ambartsoumian",,1,"hedge fund"
    "EP Vantage",,1,"ex"
    "Bret Kenwell",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Stubben",,1,"ex"
    "George Kiraly Jr.",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas Marshi",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Paul Nouri, CFP",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "James Stefurak, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Richard Lejeune",,2,"hedge fund,former"
    "Howard Jay Klein",,1,"ex"
    "Peter Mantas",,1,"ex"
    "Transcend Event Driven Research",,1,"ex"
    "Looking For Diogenes",,1,"ex"
    "Arthur Lipson",,1,"ex"
    "Burt Rothberg",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Ropes & Gray",,1,"ex"
    "Mix Star",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Dirk Leach",,1,"ex"
    "Jenny Coombs",,1,"ex"
    "Left Banker",,1,"ex"
    "Alpha Gen Capital",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Tim McPartland",,1,"ex"
    "Reality Shares",,1,"ex"
    "Jeroen Snoeks",,1,"ex"
    "Otaviano Canuto",,1,"ex"
    "Alasdair Macleod",,1,"ex"
    "Healthy Appreciation",,1,"ex"
    "Reel Ken",,1,"ex"
    "Ruerd Heeg",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Koch",,1,"ex"
    "On Second Look",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Forensic Research Analyst",,1,"hedge fund"
    "REIT Analyst",,2,"former,ex"
    "Clemens Scholl",,1,"ex"
    "Real Estater",,1,"ex"
    "Henry Ma, CFA",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Georg Vrba",,1,"ex"
    "Andrew Hecht",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "The Emperor Has No Clothes",,1,"former"
    "Little Apple",,1,"ex"
    "Kal Telage",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Blair",,1,"ex"
    "Daniel R Moore",,1,"ex"
    "The Nattering Naybob",,1,"ex"
    "Rod Raynovich",,1,"ex"
    "Arquitos Capital Management",,2,"hedge fund,portfolio manager"
    "Louis Navellier",,1,"ex"
    "Ben Strubel",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Mike the PhD",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Filings Analysis",,1,"ex"
    "Chris Sandys",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Atlas Grinned",,1,"ex"
    "Investment Standard",,1,"ex"
    "Zacks Investment Research",,1,"ex"
    "Matt Stewart",,2,"former,ex"
    "Terence Chua",,1,"ex"
    "Plan B Economics",,1,"ex"
    "Andrew Boral",,1,"ex"
    "Edward Schwartz",,1,"ex"
    "Jon Peter",,1,"ex"
    "Global Risk Insights",,2,"former,ex"
    "Dartmouth Business Journal",,1,"ex"
    "Manos Schoinakis",,1,"ex"
    "Seeking Early Retirement",,1,"ex"
    "Ahmed El Sherbiny",,1,"ex"
    "Yorkville Investor",,1,"former"
    "David Fabian",,1,"ex"
    "Rubicon Associates",,1,"ex"
    "Scott Kennedy",,1,"ex"
    "Dorsey Wright Money Management",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Nate Costello",,1,"ex"
    "Evariste Lefeuvre",,1,"ex"
    "Rick Rieder",,1,"ex"
    "Kay Herbert",,1,"ex"
    "Praveen Chawla",,1,"ex"
    "Valens Credit",,1,"ex"
    "Lutz Muller",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Robert Sacher",,1,"ex"
    "Connor O'Keeffe",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Seeking Dividends",,1,"ex"
    "Robert FitzPatrick",,1,"ex"
    "Tal Davidson",,1,"ex"
    "Kirk Lindstrom",,1,"ex"
    "Rash Menaria",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas Mushaike",,1,"ex"
    "David Alton Clark",,2,"former,ex"
    "David Nelson, CFA",,3,"former,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Steve Nicastro",,1,"ex"
    "George Rho",,3,"former,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Simple Digressions",,1,"ex"
    "Arnold Landy",,1,"ex"
    "The Financialist",,1,"ex"
    "Jennifer Warren",,1,"ex"
    "Mark Whitmore",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Earl Setser",,1,"ex"
    "Alexander J. Poulos",,1,"ex"
    "Adem Tumerkan",,1,"ex"
    "Double Dividend Stocks",,1,"ex"
    "ONeil Trader",,2,"former,ex"
    "Daniel Jennings",,1,"ex"
    "WideMoat Capital",,1,"ex"
    "Edward Vranic, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Market DJ",,1,"ex"
    "Chris DeMuth Jr.",,1,"ex"
    "Sami J. Karam",,1,"former"
    "Alvin Rodolfo",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Bill Gross",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Cash is King",,1,"ex"
    "WG Investment Research",,1,"ex"
    "Winning Strategies",,1,"ex"
    "Power Hedge",,1,"ex"
    "Catharina Hillenbrand-Saponar",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Fitzsimmons",,1,"ex"
    "Walter Hin",,1,"ex"
    "Bryan Wagman",,1,"ex"
    "Arizona Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Nicholas Ward",,1,"ex"
    "Mike Nadel",,1,"former"
    "The Manual of Ideas",,1,"ex"
    "Tim Rohkemper",,1,"ex"
    "Yen Yoo",,1,"ex"
    "Douglas Ryan",,1,"ex"
    "Virginia Value Investor",,1,"ex"
    "Pharma Doc",,1,"ex"
    "Wisdom's Reward",,1,"ex"
    "Max Vision",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Jack Banser",,1,"ex"
    "Logan Flatt, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Richard Steinberg",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Queen's Capital",,1,"ex"
    "Chip Castille",,1,"ex"
    "Wade Slome, CFA",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Small Pharma Analyst",,1,"ex"
    "Adib Motiwala",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Robert Allan Schwartz",,1,"ex"
    "Smart Owl Research",,1,"ex"
    "Jesse Bellet",,1,"ex"
    "Chad Gassaway",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "The Fortune Teller",,1,"ex"
    "Tarryn Valle, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "Daniel Ward",,1,"ex"
    "Michael Boyd",,1,"ex"
    "Jim Billings",,1,"ex"
    "Scott Brown",,1,"ex"
    "Douglas Albo",,1,"ex"
    "Dr. Bill Conerly",,1,"former"
    "Dividend Disco",,1,"ex"
    "Electric Phred",,1,"former"
    "Tim McAleenan Jr.",,1,"ex"
    "Dividend Sleuth",,1,"former"
    "Diamond Technology Management",,1,"ex"
    "Whitney Tilson",,1,"hedge fund"
    "FINalternatives",,1,"hedge fund"
    "MyPlanIQ",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "DAG Investments",,1,"ex"
    "Jason Napodano, CFA",,1,"ex"
    "David Stockman",,1,"ex"
    "Timothy O'Rourke",,1,"ex"
    "Pauline Loong",,1,"ex"
    "ETF Monkey",,1,"ex"
    "Dirk Cotton",,1,"ex"
    "Kevin Mahn",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Roger S. Conrad",,1,"ex"
    "Adam Hartung",,1,"ex"
    "Ron Honig",,1,"ex"
    "Geoff Considine",,1,"ex"
    "Leo Kolivakis",,1,"ex"
    "Doug Carey",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Eric Landis",,1,"ex"
    "Chris Ciovacco",,1,"ex"
    "Livio Filice",,1,"ex"
    "Clayton Rulli",,1,"ex"
    "Jake Zamansky",,3,"hedge fund,former,ex"
    "Bob Johnson",,1,"ex"
    "Fear & Greed Trader",,1,"ex"
    "Alex Pitti",,1,"ex"
    "Wilson Wang",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Hale Stewart",,1,"ex"
    "William Koldus, CFA, CAIA",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "David Fry",,1,"ex"
    "Robert Duval",,1,"ex"
    "George Schneider",,1,"former"
    "James A. Kostohryz",,2,"former,ex"
    "Matt Tucker, CFA",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "John Galt",,1,"ex"
    "China Stock Research",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Fast Track to Financial Independence",,1,"ex"
    "Reuben Gregg Brewer",,1,"ex"
    "Michael A. Gayed, CFA",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Matthew Frankel",,1,"ex"
    "HedgeThink",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Adam Aloisi",,1,"ex"
    "Dividend Junkie",,1,"ex"
    "Charles Patton",,2,"hedge fund,portfolio manager"
    "Eric Novinson",,1,"former"
    "Wolf Richter",,1,"ex"
    "Cliff Smith",,1,"ex"
    "Joseph Harry",,1,"ex"
    "Brad Case",,1,"ex"
    "Monty Spivak",,1,"ex"
    "Phil Pecsok",,3,"hedge fund,ex,portfolio manager"
    "Investing Discipline",,1,"ex"
    "Tom Brown",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Peter Fuhrman",,1,"ex"
    "MTF Investing",,1,"ex"
    "Ian Bezek",,1,"hedge fund"
    "Brian Gilmartin, CFA",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Joshua Boldebook",,1,"ex"
    "Dr. Duru",,2,"former,ex"
    "George Gardiner",,1,"ex"
    "Steven Jon Kaplan",,1,"ex"
    "Jake Huneycutt",,1,"portfolio manager"
    "Donald van Deventer",,1,"ex"
    "Juan Manrique",,1,"ex"
    "John Alford",,1,"ex"
    "Olukayode Jinadu",,1,"ex"
    "Ketan Desai",,1,"ex"
    "Rogier van Vlissingen",,1,"ex"
    "David White",,2,"former,ex"
    "Vedant Arora",,1,"ex"
    "The Forensic Accountant",,1,"ex"
    "Alicia Damley, CFA",,2,"ex,portfolio manager"
    "Greg Group",,1,"ex"
    "Bruce Krasting",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Sergey Alifanov",,1,"ex"
    "Jason Galanis",,1,"former"
    "Citron Research",,1,"ex"
    "Stone Fox Capital",,1,"ex"
    "Joseph Harned",,2,"former,ex"
    "Keith Springer",,1,"ex"
    "Ron Hiram",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Lance Brofman",,1,"ex"
    "Philip Davis",,2,"former,ex"
    "Markos Kaminis",,2,"hedge fund,ex"
    "Michael Goode",,1,"ex"


       var fs = require('fs'),
        request = require('request'),
        async = require('async'),
        _ = require('underscore'),
        cheerio = require('cheerio');

    var outputCSV = [];

    // EACH CATGORY URL (Top 100)
    var urls = [
    var authors = [];

      request(url, function(error, response, body) {
          if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
            var $ = cheerio.load(body);
            $('.ld_top_list li a').each(function(i, elm) {          
            $('.ld_more_list li a').each(function(i, elm) {          
            console.log("FETCH: "+ url);
            console.log("Check Connection: Issue viewing: "+ url);
      var uniqAuthors = _.uniq(authors);

      //@todo - If you want to output each author to text file
      // var wstream = fs.createWriteStream('authors.txt',{'flags': 'a'});
      // async.forEach(uniqAuthors,function(a,acb){
      //   wstream.write(a+"\n");
      // },function(){
      //   wstream.end();
      //   console.log("DONE");
      //   process.exit(0);
      // });

          var url = '' + name;
          request(url, function(error, response, body) {
              if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
                console.log("Fetching: "+url);
                var $ = cheerio.load(body);
                var author = $("#author_full_name").text();
                var profile = $('.profile_item_mini_text').text().toLowerCase();
                // console.log(name+"|"+profile);
                var boolHedgeFund = contains(profile, 'hedge fund');
                var boolFormer = contains(profile, 'former');
                var boolEx = contains(profile, 'ex');
                var boolPortfolioManager = contains(profile, 'portfolio manager');

                var count=0;
                var keywords =[];
                if(boolHedgeFund){count++;keywords.push('hedge fund')}
                if(boolPortfolioManager){count++;keywords.push('portfolio manager')}

                var capture = {
                  // profile: profile,
          var wstream = fs.createWriteStream('results.csv',{'flags': 'w'});

    function contains(r,s){ 
      return r.indexOf(s) !== -1; 
Hi, thanks for your work! I am seeking a broader search result on all members (i.e. not from the top 100 or top writers). Is that possible?
sk11 almost 6 years ago
Basically this script can work if I had a full list of authors and/or users. Also please note that there is a difference between authors and users e.g the URL -. vs - I used the top 100 authors of each section as I haven't found a way to find all of the authors or users linked from the site.
johnmurch almost 6 years ago