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I already have a functional website. It has all the basic features I require (sticky header, mobile friendly, phone number CTA, etc). I do not want those features removed or broken. My problem is that the site lacks a certain design refinement. I'm not a designer so I don't know exactly what I need. I just know that this website, while functional, doesn't look polished or super professional. Use your creativity and design skills to improve my web page however you can to give it a more polished and refined look.

The task:

Add styles to css/my-new-design.css to give my website a more modern and refined and cultivated appearance. Please don't change the html or existing CSS as I need to be abel to easily switch out the single style sheet to use different designs. I will pay $50 for each quality unique design I receive.

See zip to download:

Not being able to change the existing CSS/HTML is going to be a problem, but I can provide a hosted demo of my design. Would that be ok?
slang over 6 years ago
That will be fine. Thank you!
Binary over 6 years ago
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1 Solution

Ok, I put up the site here while I work on it. The source code is here:

So far, I've:

  • Converted it into a roots project, just to get rid of the duplication of code between pages, and so I can use live-reload while I work. It still compiles into a static site, so you can get rid of roots later, if you want.
  • Removed the breadcrumbs - they weren't really doing anything, and the structure of the site should be represented by the URL anyway.