Record prices from public API and simple report
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The idea is to make. a very simple crypto price screening tool for later doing trades.
The developer who wins the bounty will be chosen for stages 2 and 3. The idea of partnering will be evaluated.

  • Stage 1: Price monitoring and simple report
  • Stage 2: Mount in my server and report and improving some parameters
  • Stage 3: Connect to private Bittrex API, Buy / Sell


Connect to the Bittrex public API and record results (bid, ask, last) for 3 markets every second

  • marketId 1 USDT-BTC
  • marketId 2 BTC-LTC
  • marketId 3 USDT-BAT

Example : Obtain price via :

Result is:

we record in data base

  • Timestamp
  • marketId
  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Last

Calculate for each of the markets 3 growth values and display in a table where and display price growth/fall in the last

  • t1 :30 seconds
  • t2: 600 seconds
  • t3: 3600 seconds

result for each value in table (Columns are t1,t2,t3, rows are the marketsId1,2,3)

(1- priceLast(now)/priceLast(ti)) * 100 and cut in 2 decimals

Final product

Show in a screen the table requested above and the last query results with prices.

Hi there, can you please clarify how we are going to calculate the markets growth? Is there a formulae? Kind regards.
evancejaye 13 days ago
Sure. It is the formula shown above. I will give an example; priceLast(now) = "Last" from the query with the result {"success":true,"message":"","result":{"Bid":57169.80000000,"Ask":57196.03670000,"Last":57170.34516881}} priceLast(now) = 57170.34 priceLast(ti) = you got it the same way "i" seconds ago and recorded in the database. Lets asume is 56000.00 Then the formula is (1- 57170.34/56000.00))*100 = 2.08989 = 2.09 % Sorry for the late response!!
Vortilon 9 days ago
awarded to evancejaye

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Winning solution

Hi there, please go through the app i have uploaded on my server.
I have few recommendations that i think will be very useful for the next phases of this project ie. using Websockets instead of Ajax.

But as of now i have done this POC.

Kind regards.

Note: You have to wait some few secs to get correct values for t1,t2 and t3. The browser acts as a cron in this case.
evancejaye 7 days ago
Excellent Job. Let me know if it is possible to start installing in my server
Vortilon 7 days ago
Sure, just email me: evancekinging at gmail dot com
evancejaye 6 days ago