Rails sample app with requrie.js dependency
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Microsoft have released a SDK for speech to text via websockets, along with a sample html page https://github.com/Azure-Samples/SpeechToText-WebSockets-Javascript

I'd like to incorporate this into a Rails 5 application (using the asset pipeline & Turbolinks). I've taken the page body and added it to a page served by Rails.

The task is: the sample app at pages/speech should work when served by Rails. $5 bonus for moving all of the script tags off the page and into the asset pipeline.

A sample app is here: please make a pull request against this with the solution. https://github.com/seanfcarroll/require

See also: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44894217/rails-with-require-js-dependency

Note that both the min and full version of the SDK are in the repo. Feel free to modify as needed.
kusadasi 12 months ago
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Hello Kusadasi, here is the github link, https://github.com/Tech-engine/KUSADASI of my solution
There are no errors showing now.Thank you

Note: copy paste all the files as they are.
Codeword 12 months ago
Thank you Codeword I will review and get back to you soon.
kusadasi 12 months ago
Okay :)
Codeword 12 months ago
I modified application.js , speech.html.erb, routes.rb, assets.rb ( config/initializers/assets.rb ) Please make sure you also replace the database.yml to your needs. I saw the errors as whose pic you posted to stackoverflow, then I made some changes to some of the files after which the errors disappeared.
Codeword 12 months ago
Thank you Codeword. Why did you replace the database.yml?
kusadasi 12 months ago
Actually I was testing the code on my system and so I was using my db settings.When I prepared the zip file I mistakenly included my database.yml instead of yours. Moreover thank you and glad to help you.
Codeword 12 months ago
No problem and thank you.
kusadasi 12 months ago