Quickbooks IIF Import: Mark journal entries as billable?
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I'm working on a tool that will export a department's expenses as in IIF file that can be imported into quickbooks.

The IIF file works correctly in the sense that all of the credits and debits appear and are charged to the correct accounts.

However, we need to mark some of these debits as "billable", and the checkbox that we normally use to do that does not appear on these transactions (screen shot at: https://ibb.co/Fm0KWMF)

Is there a change I can make to the IIF file to make these billable? Or is there something I can do in Quickbooks to make the "billable" field appear?

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1 Solution

Option to mark the Billable column when importing Journal Entry through IIF in QuickBooks Desktop is not possible. You’ll want to edit the imported Journal Entry in desktop app and mark the Billable field.

otherwise you can try third party apps like SaasAnt Transactions or ZedSystems axis import.